Pollen Distribution period starting June 21

Pollen Distribution period starting June 21

proposal link: Honey Pot

Proposal Information

This is a follow up to fund the pollen swarm again, you can find the previous post outlining the pollen experiment here: Pollen Distribution period starting May 17

We are currently using a usd peg of $20k / week up 30 HNY. I propose 5 weeks of funding at 30 HNY / week (1 of these weeks is to make up for being short last week)

What duration should this proposal have?

The proposal will have last about 4 weeks (1 week of funding is for last week’s distribution), although the funds may last longer due to the usd peg.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Funding will go directly to the pollen multisig for distributions. The multisig is currently controlled by @befitsandpiper, @lkngtn, @luigy, @sem, @Rayne, @Jasper, @crisog, @Felix, @hernandoagf

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
This proposal is an extension of previous work the above members have been managing

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)
150 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
0x94726a37ee00308dbead364eb3d2e10d366949f4 (pollen multisig agent address)

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
all distributions will be done through the Aragon pollen multisig, and will be voted on by the above mentioned members, or any other members later added to the multisig.


Thanks @befitsandpiper for the proposal and to all those that are waiting for another week so some of us got our HNY. I really wish there was a way to vote from Celeste staking. Its a manual process to unstake vote and then back to stake on Celeste. Any idea if this can be done?

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I assume so but would like to know as well. Between Celeste and farms, don’t have much HNY left to support proposals. Got in as soon as I saw this to maximize my vote, but it’s not moving the needle much.

thanks for the proposal, really you guys who manage the distribution all do a great job !!

they are the magicians behind the computer @befitsandpiper, @lkngtn, @luigy, @sem, @Rayne, @Jasper, @crisog, @Felix, @hernandoagf

you cannot vote from staking, you have to unstake like you describe first.

Yea… I know, I was hoping that we could allow staked HNY in Celeste to vote. Not sure if that will be technically possible and if it’s worth it. I think currently there is around 600 HNY staked in Celeste which would really help with voting.