Pollen Distribution period starting November 21

Pollen Distribution period starting October 25

proposal link: Honey Pot

Proposal Information

This is a follow up to fund the pollen swarm again, you can find the previous post outlining the pollen experiment here: Pollen Distribution period starting July 2021

Pollen is currently using a usd peg of $15k / week up 25 HNY. The Pollen DAO will make efforts to optimize weights again going forward given the reduced funding. The proposal is for 4 weeks of funding at 25 HNY / week.

What duration should this proposal have?

The proposal will last about 4 weeks, although the funds may last longer due to the USD peg.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Funding will go directly to the Pollen multisig for distributions. The multisig is currently controlled by @befitsandpiper, @lkngtn, @luigy, @sem, @Jasper, @Felix, @hernandoagf, our newest member @Escanor & @cryptoclip

previous experience in related or similar work:
This proposal is an extension of previous work the above members have been managing

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)
105 HNY

Requesting 5 more HNY for managing/hosting the pollen swarm.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
0x94726a37ee00308dbead364eb3d2e10d366949f4 (pollen multisig agent address)

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
all distributions will be done through the Aragon pollen multisig, and will be voted on by the above mentioned members, or any other members later added to the multisi

Updated proposal : Honey Pot
After discussion, 5 hny will be distributed per week, i’ll also take the time to filter people getting double paid via Github. Asked for 45 HNY, will have enough for 2 months of distribution


I think we should lower the amount of Honey we use for Pollen to somewhere between 25-50% of what we spend today.

The goal of Pollen as I see it is to get people into 1Hive so they start engaging, until they find a swarm or project they’re excited about and join as a contributor there. I think this can be done effectively with way less HNY.


Yes, following that, I also think pollen could be restricted to the forum and maybe the #nominations channel on discord or so. As well as having at least the most involved contributors in active swarm out of the pollen program.

The forum is easy to moderate and it’s where the big ideas on the 1Hive are born, so we may want to keep that incentivised.

About the contributors, pollen is an additional revenue that maybe we can’t afford at this point, making sure that the new community members make it to the top of the distribution should be enough to meet the goal of pollen.


I would definitely like to hear what everyone thinks about this. I would not be opposed and would be very interested in putting it to a vote if that’s the agreed upon method, but a discussion should definitely happen first. Thank you for bringing this up @paul :honeybee:


Hey everyone, after discussion we will reduce the distribution to 12.5HNY/week.


Just an idea can we cut the pollen by 50-75% and propose we hire 2 full time people (1ux/ui, 1 dev to implement ux/ui) as a trial for doing something new. Pay them for 1 month and at the end of the month have them report out on the work they did. I don’t really care what they do as it could just be simple things like cleaning up these projects that og devs deploy and then move on leaving all bugs behind unresolved.

For example, how does anyone here get to gardens? do you go to honeyswap app then click governance. how about how do you get to forum? after being here a year all our pages are still all over the place. I like the 🌻🐝🍯🐝🌻 | Together we thrive. Twells picked up for 1hive but every app is on an island with no links and these are just simple things.

There are improvements to aps also not just UX

the point i am making is we have 100HNY for pollen and 47 HNY for supporter role, by the lengthen time it is taking these proposals to pass it seems the community is somewhat in agreement that these are becoming less desirable. I am not saying lets hire a few full time devs in addition to pollen and supporter role, i am saying lets do that instead as we are minting a crazy amount of hny and i am not seeing really any ROI on this.


Updated proposal : Honey Pot
After discussion, 5 hny will be distributed per week, i’ll also take the time to filter people getting double paid via Github. Asked for 45 HNY, will have enough for 2 months of distribution


Supported! :)) tysm felix and all of you guys on the pollen team you are doing god’s work :honeybee: :honey_pot: :clap: :100: but I’m not quite sure if cut funding could be the solution, there has been a lot of new and talented faces but I can understand the urge of give github fellas more hny. But imo the culture is going to be a huge part of engagement and expansion in terms of community

You are right, we should limit pollen distributions for 1Hive OG’s and highly active contributors(that have salaries and get recurring payments).

This should be easy to do, bees with over a certain threshold of HNY should get less HNY from pollen to ensure that the new comers get way more HNY :slight_smile:

I think this is exactly one of those situations in which people focus on the effect not the cause

Pollen is an amazing income for people that need it. Maybe we should try to encourage people that get pollen to add value to 1Hive and that’s why we could need a mentorship/tutor program here at 1Hive :slight_smile:

If we educate people they will create value, if they don’t know how 1Hive works they will probably only get value out of 1Hive :slight_smile:

I agree with you on the fact that some funding proposals are starting to prove redundant and there is also some centralization at the human level in some swarms.

Let’s say that if a swarm lead and his swarm have enough HNY in their pockets to get proposals to pass instantly or faster than other proposals that could be way more beneficial to 1Hive…

What I’m saying is that humans always tend to protect what’s theirs and we SHOULDN’T adopt that mentality in DAOs :slight_smile: