Polygon Delegation/Validation

Seeing as we are also thinking about expanding to Polygon, it could be nice to make 1Hive validator on that network also, or delegate with some trustless contract, it would be nice specifically for this reason:

As you can see, Binance has their fingers in Polygon, offering Polygon validator staking. They do NOT have a majority currently. I personally want to work against any entity though which in some way “threatens” DeFi such as this one.


How good it would be to see said integration of 1hive in that network


Interesting proposal. Would this mean that 1hive would be cross-chain on both xDai and Polygon?
Or that a Polygon contract would bridge/delegate votes to xDai?

I’d stake and vote some HNY in support of that.

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It is a very good idea, having crosschain validators is very good to help you between the different networks.
Also the bridge between xDai and Polygon helps this.

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I share your opinion, I would also bet my hny to see something like that, really everything that is beneficial, welcome

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This is a snippett of tulip proposal/update you can find on our forum.


Great , I will read about it every day I hope to learn much more

It’s a little complicated. MATIC has to be transferred to ETH-Mainnet for staking on polygon validators. And it also depends on what we would do (val/del). Also see DogeKing’s post, you will see that we are going to be “cross-chain” so to say with honeywap Polygon.

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this sounds good! everything is for the advance

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I think this is a very interesting and good idea. This chain helps us a lot. I support you :v: and I will share it :wink:

I believe that this will make progress in this community and we need such ideas to expand this community forward.:v:

i think it also helps to secure the system more and can expand 1hive more and more

I did not realize that you are constituting XDai to Polygan communication bridges? Or there is a cross chain?

Sounds like a great idea for both Polygon and xDai : )

Yes, we touched this topic once, while discussing with Polygon and they are keen on seeing Honeyswap as a strong dex there and a validator , it makes a lot of sense to decentralize the blockchain in that matter and improves the overall security so i think Flora Swarm will be interested on doing that.


Excellent, to know about Polygon’s interest in Honeyswap and point it out with strong dex, and most importantly, as you mention the improvement or strengthening of security, it would generate trust between projects and users!