Problem about Join Discord

Hello im new user , why im Join discord and only visible
#Announcement and

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Please read the welcome message fully - there is an action there you need to take before you are able to see/post in the other channels.

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You have to get verified by Bright ID first

The best and quickest way to get verified on BrightID is joining a BrightID verification party.

There are verification parties on Zoom or Discord 3 times a day and 3 times a week on various hours. They usually take no longer than 30 minutes. They are a lot of fun!

See the list of verification parties at and find a party that suits your time-zone best. Party times are shown in your local time and UTC.

We usually scan QR codes that are provided by hosts and make group connections.

Connections you make outside of verification parties are very unlikely to help your verification.

The number of connections you make does not matter as much as the quality of the connections. A bunch of connections with well-connected and/or verified BrightID users is worth much more than hundreds of connections with random people out of parties.

Reject the connections you receive from people you don’t recognize in video-calls. They might be bots or sybils!

See a more detailed user tutorial at

Note You are not required to get the verified badge on Discord.

Your verification on BrightID is enough to certify your unique human account for using apps like:


many thanks to own post

Tks. Been struggle fews days till i see this

This is not true. You can join the Discord server and see most of the channels without being verified - all you have to do is read the first message that lays the ground rules. The message ends with an instruction to unlock the entire server.

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Well. I don’t even know it. tks

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