Problema to add liquidity because screen scroll not possible

I am using Metamask in IOS (iphone) and When I try to add liquidity I can not scroll the screen to approve the liquidity. I saw in telegram group other people had same issue! Could you fix this? thanks

The issue was not problem ffrom HNY. I would prefer you using metamask on PC.

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Like “wikisum” said its not problem from our side its problem because metamask dont want to support L2 chains.No they are slowly starting changing everything what they said before about L2 chains.Its best for now you use xdai on PC or to try alpha wallet on mobile.

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There is no really good app in the phone at the moment. Metamask has tons of bugs.
Always try in a computer.

Thanks to all for the reply, you are very kind! I still think that are better ways to help users rather than recommend to use desktop version which is probably the most confortable solution.
For example: You can put the approve button in the top instead that in the bottom. So users in mobile will not even have the need to scroll…I am sure other ways are there!
I understand Metamask is maybe not good in phone but honestly honeyswap is the only environment where I can not add liquidity because scrolling issues! That was a big surprise!
But anyway! Thanks for the recommendations! :wink: Instead of using desktop I will find better options to invest! Maybe in the future might be possible! Thanks!

Honeyswap is the only exchange that has issues because it is on xDai chain and Metamask doesn’t support xDai chain.

We are not Metamask and we cannot fix Metamask issues.

@DogeKing, is moving the approve button a solution?
Who would know?
I feel like that might just lead to other issues.

I asked about this solution on the 1Hive Discord #dev channel.
Hopefully someone answers soon.