Pubilc Skillshare Course on Project Design | Crowdfunding [Better Onboarding | Playbooks]

This is a series of tweetable [sub 2 min 20 second] videos that I have recorded and then submitted into Skillshare.

I’m pretty sure they followed guidelines, and they are public, so I think this will remain there.

I’m sharing this here, because it’s a good example of how Kickstarter can be a 101 course for project design and execution.

I’ve made 20+ campaigns there, and some of them have been successes, and some of them have been failures.

By going through this free - publicly available course, you’ll be able to learn my secrets.


If you are interested in the inner workings of this – basically the reasons behind my decision to make this course, and share it for free, and how I benefited from this – you can read up on the Notion Here:

In short:

  1. I think more DAO members ought to be fluent in project management and design.

  2. I think more Onboarding | Education | Playbook type approaches ought to include Skillshare and leverage source cred – because in this way, you both serve the 1hive | metagame communities with education, but also, you create social media content, and you raise a following on skillshare.

@gabi - Morphosis comes to mind here.

It may also be possible to – in the case of morphosis, or more expansive topics, to petition 1hive for some budget to create and expand on a topic, and share that information in a public skillshare account.

Lots of win|win situations.


If any of you has any questions about the idea behind using Skillshare as a platform for educational onboarding.

Or, if anyone has any questions about leveraging kickstarter for their own projects or for 1hive projects.

I’m happy to chat.


I’m trying like mad to think of how to get Morphosis and esp Gabi’s course more exposure.

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This kind of info is great, I’ll check it out to see how that goes with me 🤸

Thanks , You are great man! :1st_place_medal:

I will see the links you left and I will be waiting to consult you. I like everything that is learning :raised_hands::honeybee:

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happy to heard about it,
like it!

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I’d heard about them before, and I’m delighted to learn more about them now. Thankful :heart_eyes:

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