Punks have come to xDai

What do you get when combine Punk NFTs with xDai? Yes, you get xDaiPunks! The Punks have finally found a spot on xDai. And here is your chance to own a genuine xDaiPunk! The minting of the xDaiPunks will start in less than 24 hours. 1 xDaiPunk will be 12 xDai until all xDaiPunks have been minted.

The marketplace will be active as soon as the mint phase starts and uses the xDaiPunks contract directly.

WebApp: https://xdaipunks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xDaiPunks

We. have some great people in our community as it is community project. Come and take a look :wink:


Is the WebApp adress correct?

hey, the link in the first post is wrong, the correct address is https://xdaipunks.com/ however they have all been minted now

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Yeah, it was mayhem. All got minted within 7 hours and with a defunct webapp as well

And thanks 1Hive community. Some of the members here helped out a lot. We at the xDaiPunks community appreciate that a lot


no thank you! I got 3 punks before the minting ended and I will hold maybe I can sell on when they catch on for funding 1Hive. 33% of my punks for the hive :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, can you leave information about the creation of the damage and how the airdrop and its stages will be.

We are at the stage of consensus. Once we have that we will, of course post it here. And there will not be any damage lol

Iā€™m finding it very difficult to understand the whole process
Can anyone guide me?