Punks have come to xDai

What do you get when combine Punk NFTs with xDai? Yes, you get xDaiPunks! The Punks have finally found a spot on xDai. And here is your chance to own a genuine xDaiPunk! The minting of the xDaiPunks will start in less than 24 hours. 1 xDaiPunk will be 12 xDai until all xDaiPunks have been minted.

The marketplace will be active as soon as the mint phase starts and uses the xDaiPunks contract directly.

WebApp: https://xdaipunks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xDaiPunks

We. have some great people in our community as it is community project. Come and take a look :wink:


Is the WebApp adress correct?

hey, the link in the first post is wrong, the correct address is https://xdaipunks.com/ however they have all been minted now

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Yeah, it was mayhem. All got minted within 7 hours and with a defunct webapp as well

And thanks 1Hive community. Some of the members here helped out a lot. We at the xDaiPunks community appreciate that a lot


no thank you! I got 3 punks before the minting ended and I will hold maybe I can sell on when they catch on for funding 1Hive. 33% of my punks for the hive :slight_smile: