Quest - Honeyswap deployment on the Public Goods Network

Quest - Honeyswap deployment on the Public Goods Network

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
This Funding Proposal is requesting 500 HNY to fund the Quest for the deployment of Honeyswap on the Public Goods Network.

Quests are disputable bounties only paid out when task is completed - if the deployment isn’t done within a year, funds will be released from the Quest back into the Common Pool.

Link to the Quest: Quests

Quest Details

This Quest will be awarded to the person or team that successfully deploys Honeyswap on the Public Goods Network first.


Funding Fallback Address:
1Hive Garden Common Pool

Network Information:
Name: Public Goods Network
Chain ID: 424
Block Explorer:

Requirement / Deliverables

Reward agreement

Claiming Player agrees that they are responsible for the successful deployment of the Honeyswap app on the Public Goods Network and that funds will be fairly distributed to the people that helped with the deployment.

Proposal Rationale

Quests - a bounty platform built by 1Hive - has proven to be useful for outcome-based funding. Instead of requesting ongoing funding to the Honeyswap Swarm, Quests lets 1Hive conditionally pay only when the deployment is completed successfully and delivering value to 1Hive.

The Public Goods Network is a new Optimism-based network focused that will be using a portion of revenue from sequencer fees to fund public goods - very well-aligned with 1Hive’s mission and culture. Honeyswap is a trusted and recognizable brand with a long track record of reliability on Gnosis Chain. Deploying Honeyswap on PGN gives Honeyswap a chance to grow beyond its existing user base on Gnosis Chain and create more value for 1Hive through transaction fees and exposure.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
(Quest Address)