Quests funding proposal - 1hive common goods & infrastructure


Our community members are actively contributing to the development of the 1hive platform, including its governance mechanisms, its user interface, and its smart contracts. On the other hand, some of us or even externally are also working on side tasks that doens’t belong to any swarm. But the question here is witch swarm is responsible to fund these type of quests. A first reasonable iteration was to create a proposal for each quests.
The a main pitfall on this approach is that it entails too much process. We need to create a quest and a Garden proposal and the wait time for the quest player to be paid is huge. This is going against the main reason to use Quests platform (e.g. small iterative quickly rewarded tasks).

A perfect example of this type of task is this quest.

Proposal rational

We are suggesting a separated funding pool in a gnosis-safe that could be used to finance all quest that aims to help 1hive in general when it doesn’t belong to any specific swarm or multiple swarm at once. This pool could be initially funded by a single proposal (this one).

Gnosis-Safe inital owners

Funding Information

Amount of HNY requested:
350 HNY (~$4,336 at 21/03/2023)

This should lasts for a couple month. And see if we request more later in the future if this approach is a success or not.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:
Newly created Gnosis-safe: link

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Each request to use these funds would be discussed publicly in the 1hive quests channel (probably in a thread).

A 4/10 gnosis-safe would be leveraged to manage these funds, and the only destination of this pool’s transfers would be these quests.