Recovering Burnt HONEY Proposal


HONEY: 75.6698

to: 0x75b98710d5995ab9992f02492b7568b43133161d

Migrating honey to xDAI is an awesome idea! We are all acutely aware of the issues with transactions on mainnet at the moment. However, I have sine honey stuck in an Agent. These tokens are effectively lost as Agent has no private keys.

its only 75 HONEY but it would be nice to recover these funds (especially as I am convinced HONEY is going to be super valuable in the future :last_quarter_moon_with_face:)

This is the Agent Address, and this is the DAO that controls it.

I control both the 0x40bc57c410b9e543e6f4158a44ce53e46968ab05 and the 0x75b98710d5995ab9992f02492b7568b43133161d addresses which together controll 100% of the voting shares

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