Reddit /r/ethtrader support for bringing DONUTs to xDAI

I also share some concerns about /r/ethtrader previously, and have a love/hate relationship with all trading, as it definitely can fuel energy and attention to a movement, but also equally damage it and mislead people.

I’m applying a longer-term value investing approach to crypto-assets, integrated with real physical businesses that meet the needs of users and customers (food, housing, clothing, etc.) There are aspects of ethtrader such as hyping coins with no long-term plan or return, but also very diverse ideas and viewpoints. Also memes, entertainment, and NFTs are fun and accessible to non-technical users, so we would definitely lose something of life enjoyment by only participating in “serious investment forums”. I hope it’s possible to do both. /r/ethtrader for its shortcoming seems like one forum to exchange investing theses.

Does anyone actually hold DONUTs or have personal experience of the kinds of behaviors that are incentivized by being awarded them?

150k issuance to the moderators seems steep, but again, it is not easy to cultivate a large community, so one can view it as the return on the social capital they’ve invested.

For the reasons and caveats above, I’m in support of the proposal, and also to learn what technical steps are needed to interoperate any other such mainnet tokens on xDai in the future.

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@Eth_Man, would you be open to featuring 1hive in a stickied post on r/ethtrader? Would have to work out messaging & duration but given the size of the community that would be pretty valuable.


I 100% agree with @willjgriff I’m not opposed to the idea of this proposal but there is nothing specific. The agreement or arrangement should be defined. I only see this grant of 10 hny for rogue and 10 honey to help fund some work that eth trader is gonna work. I would really like to see some commitment from eth trader on what the will do not might do.


In my opinion, more support or arguments are needed to support this proposal! and that the benefits that will be obtained with the approval of the same are projected


Yes please. I use CryptoCurrency and FortniteBr since they are already on xDai.
But I heard of donuts and I went there to check them, then I noticed the erc20 thing and I was like… Nah not worthy, 10$ a month tops with 5$ fees? No.
I hope they change to xDai so I can use that subreddit.

I believe you can ask for you donuts to be distributed directly on xDAI.

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He is requesting financing of 20hny, so far according to what I can read, he is asked to have a more specific support of what benefits will be obtained, with said financing!

I in my personal opinion would like to see projections

definitely, the xdai network in fees is a paradise in the crypto world!


Really? Can you confirm that? Cause I think I have some stuck there.

I think he refers to those who are mounting the proposal for 20hny

Oh I see okay thanks you

Yes, if you comment (anything) in this thread you will have opted in to receiving your $donut distribution on xDai. Unfortunately, for now, this is only for the $donut portion of your distribution and not the $contrib, which is used for governance, and still needs to be claimed on mainnet to activate.


just by commenting on that link do you get something? I can’t get anywhere

Okay I see thank you.

Not entirely sure the threshold and conditions for earning DONUTs.

Putting a comment in this thread will enable any DONUT distributions to be sent to you on xDAI. Removing your comment will send your DONUTs to be claimed on Aragon on main net.

As @cslarson says:

$donuts are allocated on a monthly basis to r/ethtrader community members who contribute and have registered to receive them. You can register in the sidebar on r/ethtrader - new reddit and then earn $donut by making posts and commenting in the sub.

Thanks for the information, I already made a comment in that thread, let’s wait to see @cslarson @Eth_Man thanks ! :earth_americas:

you need to register somewhere for that,right?

I think it’s favorable that all of these Reddit community tokens are finding a home on xDAI/Honeyswap, but that this extra incentive is not necessarily necessary. The foundational technical architecture provided by xDAI is enough to help them do with they need to do to distribute the token seamlessly. In terms of the available L2 platforms out there, BSE’s fees are rising, mainnet is functionally dead at (although gas prices are way down today), and the other platform options don’t have as vibrant of a community or as much dev goodwill. I like the 5-8 multisignatories route, but I think the success of tokens like MOONs and Bricks on HoneySwap already is enough incentive. This is a large community, however, of smart, finance-savvy traders so it would be good to get some additional eyeballs on Honeyswap or 1Hive projects, but this can be done with some strategic PR work just as well.

It was started formally probably a week or two after this proposal passed and liquidity tripled.

I had been the primary liquidity provider for the past 9 months on Honeyswap the LP incentive added other 200% liquidity in probably a week. Unfortunately over past week DONUT price had declined 50%.