Reddit xMOON tokens not showing up

Hi guys,

In the past I’ve swapped my Reddit MOON tokens via Honeyswap a couple of times. This time I did the same process, swapping my MOON tokens to xMOON tokens. Then I switch my Metamask to XDAI, but my xMOON tokens aren’t showing up in Honeyswap. Does anyone how come? Did something change?


Nevermind! Looks like the culprit was Brave Browser. Got it to work in Chrome.

is it fixed now?

Yeah thanks, turns out it was Brave Browser that was somehow blocking things. When I did the same in Chrome it worked fine. Got it sorted.

glad it’s fixed
btw, have you joined our discord community?
If not, we will be happy to join us there too. :blush:
Here is the link:

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