Register HNY on Mesa

Proposal Title:

Register HNY on Mesa

Proposal Description:

Mesa is an Open Source interface for Gnosis Protocol available on xDai.

Gnosis Safe allows you to use Gnosis Custom Market Maker to deploy, withdraw and manage your custom market maker strategies. You can find information about it here.

But HNY isn’t’ registered on Mesa. You can’t trade it on Mesa nor use it on Gnosis CMM.

My proposal is to register HNY on Mesa. I got in touch with Gnosis on Discord to check how to do it.

It’s quite easy.

Anyone could register a token on Mesa as the process is decentralized.

It involves a transaction to the smart contract and a proposal to the dxdao to include it in the user interface by default (which can be done later).

The mainnet process is available here. Similarly it can be done on xDai as well.

Mesa is available here:

Gnosis Safe is available here:

Proposal Rationale:

Make HNY available on Mesa and Gnosis to increase its availability and circulation.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:

0,25 HNY

The interaction with the contract requires 10 OWL, to pay the costs for listing a token, which functions as a spam protection fee. It’s about 11 xDai/0.37 HNY at the time I write this.

Here is the process:

  • 11 Dai to xDai (ETH fees estimated to $50 by monstrosity)

  • Wrapping, deposit and approval of 11 xDai to wxDai on Mesa (Mesa only deal with wxDai)

  • Trading 11 wxDai to OWL

  • Setting approval for OWL to be spent

  • Interacting with contract to list HNY on Gnosis Protocol

I didn’t include the xDai fees of the process yet, but they should be something like 0.04 xDai by operation, which gives us approximately 0.024 xDai.

The whole process should require approximately 12 Dai (~0.04 HNY) + ~0,045 ETH fees (~0.16 HNY) = 0.085 HNY

We could round it to 0.09 HNY to be sure.

The whole process would cost around 0.09 HNY, the rest is payment for work.

Furthers details:

Gnosis Protocol Contract Address Details on xDai Chain:

Just out of interest, why would you need to bridge dai to xdai, just swap the honey from proposal to xdai on honeyswap, then you have no requirement to pay any eth fees as you are not using the eth mainnet at all?

I was trying to be as exhaustive as possible, but you’re right. If there was liquidity on the OWL / HNY pair we could save time and money.

You dont need to buy OWL on honeyswap, but you can go:

Obtain honey via proposal
On honeyswap, buy wxdai with honey
Send wxdai to Mesa
Buy owl

You’re right, sorry, I’m tired.

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