Roadmap Channel on Discord

Hey everyone, good morning/afternoon/evening.

I have a quick idea/proposal I’d like to share with the community. Nothing life-changing, but something to address better the questions of the community and inspire more confidence. :honeybee:

I honestly took the idea from another project I am checking out.

We have been discussing the importance of a flexible roadmap to give the sense of how much work and how many ideas are being analyzed, in order to inspire trust, confidence and long term commitment to the 1Hive ecosystem. I have always been very much in favor of this idea, as due to my limited tech-skills I am still feeling at home with checking a roadmap and, sometimes, seeing a number of accomplishments may turn me in favor of that specific project.

I think we can implement that idea with something even more practical.

A Roadmap Channel on the Discord. :motorway:

A channel where no conversation is happening. We just write a list of thing that are going to be done in the coming weeks-months, with an easy legenda to keep track of the status of each “idea”.
Example (Don’t judge the content, just the idea :stuck_out_tongue: )

Q4 2020
:green_circle: Start NFT Contest (with possible hyperlink to the tweet/announcement)
:green_circle: Announcement Winner of the Lottery
:green_circle: Collaboration with Posadelic Music Festival
:green_circle: Buzz DAO proposal passed
:yellow_circle: Flexible Roadmap
:yellow_circle: New Honeyswap Interface

Q1 2021:
:yellow_circle: Release Celeste
:yellow_circle: Announcement Winner of the NFT Contest
:large_blue_circle: Beginning of Buzz Dao’s Work
:large_blue_circle: AMA with XXX

Q2 2021: TBA

:green_circle: Completed
:yellow_circle: Under way
:large_blue_circle: On the pipeline
:grey_exclamation: postponed (cancelled), if necessary

Clearly, we can give a more personal touch than using colored circles, something related to Honey would definitely work better!

This may seem similar to the Check-In channel, but I believe that this gives a history of what has been done in a basic, simple, straight-forward way of what is going to happen. In addition, if interesting proposals comes on the way (like it happened with the Posadelic Music Festival), we can simply add it where it needs to be added, enlarging the list of accomplishments.

I believe that giving the sense of constant delivery is very important. Several people are wondering about the value and the use case of Honey; If they see the value of 1Hive and the hard work of the community, this can only inspire confidence.

We could go as far as Q4 2021, but we can simply update this every now and then, as things come along.

It would fit perfectly just under the :eyes: Info Channel in my opinion.
It clearly doesn’t require much work, but maybe it helps!

Stay safe everyone!


I think that’s a great idea.
We need a concise way to share what we are working on.
I think it will increase participation as well.
It should help lower the barrier to entry.
At this point we’re saying to peruse the various Discord channels and figure it yourself.
That’s not easy.

Oh, ALSO we should include where to go to learn more about that project.


Absolutely, this is just a scratch of an idea.

We could make that channel as a sort on landing page. People gather the basic info on what’s going on, a few hyperlinks to the upcoming proposals or to some pages can be added, and a quick overview of what can be found in the other channels. Good idea!

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I’m glad you came across that and shared.
It’s needed.
One of the hardest things landing on any of these projects, besides “What is verification and how the heck do I do it?” and “I’m not verified yet, what?”, is “So what are we doing here? How can I help?”

“Look at the swarms and figure it out” has been the answer to the latter, and it’s not easy, especially if you’re new in the space.

Often enough on other project’s Discords we have to resort to other 1Hivers to figure out how to access channels or add to the project.

Part of this issue is the decentralization being new and being rewarded for participation in a meaningful way is very new.

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Have you checked out the milestone page in the wiki?

Actually yes,
I personally still think that most of the action is on Discord and we could use such page for something easy and quick to see.

To have Telegram, Discord, Wiki and 1Hive website is great, but according to the 3click rule if I’m on Discord I’d like to find my answers there.

I truly believe this can be helpful, so far Discord is missing a page like that.
The Wiki page is more, to my eyes, for important things (Indeed, Milestones); But my idea is also to include smaller things. In the example I made there was, for instance, “Announcement NFT Contest” - Such thing is not a Milestone, but is still showing something that is going on.

Thanks for your feedback!

I think thats great idea placing some kind of place like constatly updating whats going on/what is developing/what’s gonna be published soon and etc.That everyone can see some progress on discord
Big :+1: for this idea

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Thanks man, this is so much appreciated.

You got it right, a simple landing page to constantly see what’s happening, what will happen, but also what has been done to prove an history of delivering a number of different projects.
Thanks for your feedback!