[ROADMAP] SNAFU Collective - June/August

Hello, we thank the 1Hive community to hosting us on your forum, we really appreciate it and it was really important for us to have this space. We created now our own forum in order to not spam here, and we also published the roadmap over there. Still, we have a lot of our community members that are on this forum so we would like to keep you updated on our next three months’ adventure also here.


Collection #2

At the beginning of the month, we will release our second collection, with new artists and new campaigns for the community. We will drop an artist per day, for a total of 17 Artists.
Related to this drop we will have a campaign with a reward prize of the first Artbook of the SNAFU Collective printed and shipped to you.
Every person that will buy an NFT from this collection will receive a special NFT of Collection #1 that will have the pdf copy of the artbook as unlockable content. So at the end of collection #2 (date will be announced before the release), everyone that bought will receive the digital artbook and the 5 addresses that bought more NFTs of this collection will receive also the physical copy.
A preview of the artbook will be shared before the release of Collection #2.

Farm LP

We will create a new farm for LP with unique and exclusive artworks from Collection #2. Our goal is to edit the farming logic as we discussed with the community, but this will depend also on Unifty’s release schedules.

Pool Together

Pool Together is an open-source and decentralized protocol for no-loss prize games. This means that you can stake your $SNAFU/LP tokens and participate in the extraction of a winner that will receive the prize. Luck plays a big role in this, but of course, staking a huge amount of tokens helps.

We will have different kinds of prizes: physical (posters, t-shirts, etc.) and digital (SNAFU NFTs and $SNAFU tokens).

More on this will be released in the future.


Social Farming

We want to create a way for our community to earn $SNAFU by participating in our telegram, forum and social accounts.
We are looking to integrate Source Cred for our forum, and we are looking for other ways to track user participation on telegram and social media. More on this will be discussed in a separate thread.

Art Contest

We want to create an art contest open to everyone. Any user will be able to submit artwork and the community will vote on those. At the end of the contest, the most voted artworks will become SNAFU NFTs (so swappable for $SNAFU) and will be available for the LP Farming Pool and the winners will get a reward in $SNAFU tokens.


Live Art Exposition

A live exposition of our artworks is something that we wanted to do from the beginning of this experience and we think it perfectly fits our mission: to give exposure to the artists of our collective. Of course, it will be something different from the classic art exhibitions, we want to make something unique that highlights the NFT and Digital heart of our artworks.

Original Artworks Auction

Some of the artworks of our artists born physical first and then becomes digital. So the digital representation of the artwork (the NFT) has multiple editions, while the physical has only one. During the art exhibition, we want to put some original pieces at auction.


one the coolest things here… i’ll start trying for july contest from now on
also congrats for creating your forum…looking to join you soon

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Gran proyecto , podríamos crear un canal de Youtube como Rabbit Hole para mayor difusión

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Thanks! We already have a YouTube channel but unfortunately nobody is having time/content to work on it. But we are open for suggestions and help :slight_smile:


I will also try to participate in the social farming in July. Goodluck with the sourcecred integration.


could you please leave the link to subscribe us please

We’ll open a discussion about social farming shortly, and post the link here.

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Hello everyone, we just announced our second collection: [NFT DROP] SNAFU Collective - Collection #2

And we also have a giveaway for a random person that retweets this tweet: https://twitter.com/nftsnafu/status/1401125519052181510

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We created a “Leaderboard” section on our app, you can now see the top ranking users that have the higher numbers of NFTs (and you can also click on the their profile and see what NFTs they have).

Check it out!

We will use this leaderboard to take the SNAPSHOT of the users that will buy NFTs form our Collection #2.
I remind you that the top 5 buyers will receive a physical edition of the artbook and all buyers will receive the SPECIAL NFT and the artbook in pdf

We opened a thread to discuss social farming. As per the roadmap, we estimated this feature to go live in July, but we could release and test partial releases even prior. Please discuss it here: Social Farming - Discussion - Ideas - SNAFU Collective

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Me parece excelente la idea del bot de telegram pero al darle click en Discussion - Ideas - SNAFU Collective me redirije a otro apartado de Hive donde devo ingresar mis datos nuevamente , no me da seguridad o quizas este realizando algo mal pero de lo que ley me gusto mucho.

You are being redirected to the SNAFU Forum. We created it to not spam the 1hive community with only SNAFU related stuff.

Mal movimiento Snafu , debemos quedarnos en 1hive por que? es mucho mas visible para todos aunque no lo quieran leer lo leeran, porfavor fuelva a este foro

Here is the link for the SNAFU Youtube Channel: SNAFU Collective - YouTube

I agree with you that together we can be stronger, and we want to be part of the 1hive Community. At the same time, we are newly born DAO and need to discuss a lot of stuff. We had the need to have different sections in order to discuss everything properly. We felt a bit outsiders here and didn’t want to spam 1Hive with SNAFU stuff, but if 1Hive is happy to host us and allows us to take some space here on the forum we would be happy to take that into consideration and use this as our forum and deprecate the SNAFU one.

Meanwhile, we are having an important conversation about the SNAFU’s DAO funds and how to use our SNAFU Treasury and allocate some funds for the Marketing. Whoever feels part of our project and wants to have a say in this decision please join our conversation here: SNAFU Treasury Management Proposals - Proposals - SNAFU Collective

thanks for sharing. -

No estoy de acuerdo con ninguna de las dos propuestas SNAFU , por que por que estamos en un mercado bajista no tiene sentido generar publicidad si el contexto esta hacia abajo como hay liquides y somos un proyecto sumamente riesgoso hay que gastar lo menos posible y mejorar el contenido que ya esta , personalmente valoro snafu sobre proyectos que valen mucho mas pero no por la publicidad pagada que un youtuber pueda realizar el comercio en este sentido funciona al reves ellos deben darte algo por publicitarte no darles tu algo por publicidad , a aguantar años duros y trabajar con quen quede por que la liquides es lo mas importante y no se debe tocar.

Thanks for your response. We felt the need to discuss this and allign with our community on what’s the best for SNAFU, and actually we agree on most that you said.

Drops of Collection #2 are completed!

Hello everyone! We will put SNAFU NFTs on sale on Unifty. On 1st July we’ll take the list of everyone that bought the NFTs of this collection and the first 5 top buyers

The first 5 buyers will receive also the physical copy of the artbook and it will also be autographed by some of the artists, hope you like this.

We’ll also launch a new LP farm in the coming week for the special NFTs of collection #2.

We’ll also do a special drop of nfts that will go directly into the Community Pool and a few random users will receive some free NFTs.

We are also looking into launching our own discord and market this weekend/next week.

Last but not least we are looking to launch PoolTogether

Prizes will be: nfts that will allow you to redeem posters; nfts and $SNAFU tokens.

The nfts that will allow you to redeem posters will be available to trade on our Market or on any other nft marketplace.

From today we are starting to experiment with a new revenue model for artists: mint an NFT and drop it into the Community Pool. The $SNAFU tokens are distributed 60% to the artist, 35% to the SNAFU Collective and 5% to the DAO

An instant revenue of 600 $SNAFU per an NFT.

Buy on app.nftsnafu.org