🗳 Second Set of Agave Votes

Second Set of Agave votes

The second set of Agave votes are up.

The script used to generate the payments can be found here. What’s important here is to carefully look at the payments spreadsheet and compare it to the list of payments in each vote.


The format of the descriptions are not great, this is a limitation of the aragon client. We will be upgrading to disputable apps when they are available and will fork the honeypot front end so votes will look a lot nicer! for now, a few things to keep in mind

  1. The token amounts displayed in the voting app are displayed in wei, to get the actual amount of tokens you need to divide the number by 10^18 (1 with 18 zeros). http://eth-converter.com/ is handy for doing this

  1. the first address in the description is the address of the token, the second address is the address of the recipient

  2. clicking on any address will bring up a popup with the full address, you can copy that and paste it into blockscout to verify the correct token

finally, one address has been removed from the original sheet as it is one of the honeyswap pair contracts, its 2.247 HNY has been split between the rest of the holders in the list

vote 8: AGVE Payments 1

The first 50 sets of AGVE payments, you can see them in the script here. this corresponds to C2:C51 in the spreadsheet

vote 9: AGVE Payments 2

This is the final 38 AGVE Payments, you can see them in the script here. this corresponds to C52:C89 in the spreadsheet

vote 10: HNY Payments

All 46 HNY payments are in this vote. the list in the spreadsheet is longer than 46 elements because some holders have zero HNY

Vote 11

this is a duplicate of one of the other votes without descriptions and should be ignored

vote 12: Returning Green Hornets HNY

This will return the HNY I sent to the DAO to cover the losses incurred during the mishap.

Once again its super important that everyone votes on the proposals Quorum is tight and every vote counts!

Special thanks to @sem and @gabi for helping to make this work


Please don’t blindly vote. We checked these but it’s everyone’s responsibility to know what they are voting for. Thank you


already vote, tysm again for the transparency :+1:

Thank you, here we go!

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I voted on 8-10 and now 12 :+1:

Hi, how are you? You know I’m on the list to be delivered 2.42 agve but I lost access to that wallet

Will there be a possibility that the token is sent to another wallet?

the votes are live already, if the vote passes you can make a proposal to burn your tokens and mint them to your new account if you can prove you are the person who owns the account. as i mentioned in the our DM, unequivocal proof would be a signed message from said account, but as i understand you do not have access to the keys at all. I understand you have a Gitcoin profile and linked your public key with your discord profile discord username. So you probably are who you say you are.

Generally I am not in favor of this type of action, Managing keys is something that should be done with care, also this would require three votes

  1. to create the burn permission on the token manager
  2. burn your tokens
  3. mint to your new account

This can be done in one vote but creating a script to do this is non trivial


Why I can’t vote? The support bottom didn’t appear for me? Am I wrong?!

Thank you guys you did a very good job. I really hope that we will be able to solve this issue once for all. Then we can focus on the promising thigs that Agave will bring to xDai and to 1Hive community.

I took time for me (aprox. 1min). Just try to reload the page and it will work!

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I have changed browser aplication and it worked fine

Done voting 8 9 10 12 :slight_smile: :+1:

Ya termino la votacion?

Excelente por todo lo que recibieron, lastima que yo perdí mi wallet y no puedo disfrutar de esos fondos