Selling good Compost (Compost Tokens) / -Extract /-Tee to farmers

Why is good soil so important?

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How to create good Compost?

What is the Project?

  • Create a network of Compost Farms (Compost Farms Token Curated Registry)
  • Invest / Create Compost Farms (Compost Farm ICOs / Crowdinvesting) Each Compost Farm will sell its own Compost token. The better the Compost the higher the price of the token. to invest in a compost farm user can buy cheap compost tokens at the start.
  • Soil Education Platform for farmers (Token Curated Registries)
  • Selling good Compost (Compost tokens) / -Extract /-Tee to farmers (compost-token-economics)
  • Partnering / Supporting Dr. Elaine’s, which is already doing this without DAOs & tokens