Send 1 ether by mistake using Honeyswap


[sorry for my bad English]

I used Honeyswap (Honeyswap Interface) to wrapped xdai to wxdai (for 1 xdai to start) and I don’t know how (1) (I use frame with a ledger as wallet) but I finally sent 1 ether (!!!) to this address : 0xe91D153E0b41518A2Ce8Dd3D7944Fa863463a97d

I suppose this address is owned by creator or smart contact behind the app ?

Is it possible to recover the 1 ether send to this address by mistake?

(1): I signed the transaction when the wallet was on ethereum mainnet and not xdai network…

Below an image of the pending transaction on Honeyswap.

The hash ID of the transaction: 0xef9c020c95634a68ab5eadd389fd925ce1f08fe0318c6931ebc8faf41d8671b2

Image 05-12-2021 à 21.59|690x234

I think the issue might be with Metamask, are you sure it was Ether you sent? Have you double checked? Because often MM says Ether when its not Ether. Maybe just double check, If it was Ether then you may have lost it, But I think the best answers you can get and the best advice would be on Discord. 1Hive has a support section.

I can approve transactions on xDai even if I am connected to Polygon on MM, I find this weird and confusing, metamask needs to be improved much more

Unfortunately, that address you accidentally sent your ETH is not an EOA, but a contract on xDai network. Hence, no one holds the keys to that address.
Hence, I don’t think it’s possible to get your funds back.

ya i think i agree with mrt here i dont think its an address that is controlled by anyone. You may want to ask the xdai forum or discord and see if anyone else has as solution for you @edl

Thanks to all for your help.

I used frame (coupled to a Ledger) for this transaction (not Metamask). But the error is entirely mine. I didn’t pay enough attention when I validate the transasction on my ledger (1 ether was displayed not 1 xdai…).

Alas yes it’s an ether I sent (see my address on etherscan)

I am not sure but the destination address seems not be a contract address. Is it use to approve the swap? Nobody owned the private key? If it’s not an EOA address how can I find the contract owner from the destination address (to contact them)?

Thnaks to all.