Should we worry about fairness?

" 1Hive isn’t a company, there is no core team, and there has never been a crowd sale to raise funds to operate. Wiki" These words mean that the honey community is a fair community. Without full - sovereign capital. None of us see such a beautiful world outside. We hope to change. I view honey for months. The growth model of community surprised me. Those BEEs who know that if they are in favor of others, they will be more profitable ( Ideal money vs The Wealth of Nations). It would be good if there were codes to supervise the production and reporting of fairness. Like tools and indicators traders use. that I don’t think it will cost the community a lot of money. Concern about fairness is the hallmark of community maturity, the added value that is hard to achieve. More distribution more sustainability and gian.
If there is concern about fairness of proposals, the indicators will indicate whether the concern is appropriate or not. Just a official report to raise awareness of the status of fairness in community, such as power distribution, percentage of people contribute. I am not an datamining expert. Experts can give ideas. Any idea that pass vote can be made available to the public as a permanent report.


Hello, I agree with your comments. With useful and simple content that everyone is aware of this business, I see a bright future for the network.

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I believe that the reputation of a project can be very effective in marketing.
Existence of a board that shows value of fairness index in the community!.. I am thinking of a way to show fairness in a quantitative and comparable way. Imagine being able to give a token of morality and fairness to anyone who wished once a year. ERC1155 tokens… For example, what good would it do if there was a NFTs commemorating the excellent behavior of the community at the start of agave?

Is this like a gini coefficient? I don’t really understand

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