Skillshare Swarm: [Buzz DAO]

Skillshare is a structured way of creating tutorial / classes using a web 2.0 platform:

It’s possible to create 1 Course each week, which is a pretty solid pace, and I think ought to be a foundation of Buzz DAO structure.

That’s a class that teaches DIY Filming and Editing, with common tools and programs. Meaning, there are skills there that can be learned and applied.

There is also a learning curve concerning marketability – or merchandising – meaning, how good the class looks, based on how well it is shot / edited / what the cover images look like etc.

Basically, Skillshare is a crash course in learning how to create ~2 Min concise, good looking, educational, project oriented playbooks to onboard Web 2.0 Audience Members into 1Hive Gardens.


However, there is an additional bonus here - and that has to do with the decision as to whether or not these classes are marked for Public or for Paid Subscribers Only.

Public Classes, do not accrue Skillshare Platform Royalties:

But - you get to post them anywhere you like, and brand them however you like on those platforms, and monetize them anywhere you like on those platforms.

Paid Subscriber Classes have harsh restrictions on where they can be reposted, and generally speaking the royalties for these classes are not outstanding unless you have built up an audience somewhere.

[However, once the classes exist, they royalties are persistent.]

Most of these months, I didn’t even make a single video – as you can see I’ve only made 4.


What interests me here is an unexamined possibility that Pollen and Metagame Source Cred brings into this situation – in terms of monetizing Publicly Accessible Courses.

My channel here on Youtube is pretty pathetic:

My twitter has an unreasonable amount of shitposting and a lot of personal whatever I’m into RTs:


But what if I was more focused or intentional about posting content that earned money and generated followers?

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.52.00 PM

Looks like I can create a new youtube channel about:
Content Creation, Cryptocurrency & the Digital Creator Economy

With a focus on:
Executing Artistic Marketing Projects and the Skillsets required.
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.57.09 PM

In the format of 2 Min 10 Second or shorter Videos:

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.59.21 PM

Tik Tok:
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.59.40 PM

Now I’m creating:

  • Weekly Skillshare Courses for a Targeted Audience, along with small experimental projects that I am leading for those audiences, and polished, well executed, well branded, on topic videos.
  • Daily Youtube Videos within a specific CPM Niche set, with their branding and execution already cared for.
  • Daily Twitter Videos with Relevant Hashtags
  • Daily Tik Toks with Relevant Hashtags
  • I’m building Audiences on Skillshare | Youtube | Tik Tok.
  • And I’m even managing [albiet less aggressively than before] to get my comic work done.

What is my reward for doing this?

  • Accruing Skillshare Audiences can get me $ for paid courses, so if I choose to make paid courses, those will bring in lots of revenue, if I make well attended public courses.
  • Building up a Youtube Channel in a CPM relevant area, with quality videos, and regular production, will help me qualify for Adsense - which in turn will build up my future income, assuming I make it to monetization.
  • Skillshare Affiliate Links can earn me money by referring people to Skillshare.
  • Skillshare sponsors productive Youtube Channels
  • I’ll build an audience which will be great for my personal projects on Kickstarter and Patreon.
  • And in making my videos public, I’ll be able to share them, and brand them with 1hive, which in turn can be shared and @mentioned and retweeted to build up the 1hive presence in a decentralized way - so that my light shines on 1hive | metagame

[Which in turn qualifies me for Pollen Rewards | Source Cred for Playbooks.]

But what if I also got HNY?

What if there was a tiered accomplishment system which helped to incentivize channel monetization:

  • Did you get your Skillshare Video Launched and Shared this week?
  • Did you set up your Youtube Videos and distribute them each day on Twitter and Tik Tok?
  • Are you using the right tags, or getting X number of Students | Views | Channel Growth?
  • Have you hit 1k Subs?
  • Have you hit 4k Watch Hours?
  • Did you get every Day for a week posted on Youtube?
  • Did you get every Day for a month?
  • Did you get every Day for a Quarter?

You do this:

And you simply focus on providing quality content and sharing 1hive, and building your channels, and you get incentivized with a bit of HNY to do so, and a bit of Pollen for sharing your course with the community, and on Twitter / Tik Tok.

At the end of each video on social media - you have a 1hive brand logo.
in the beginning and end of each Skillshare Course, you say Sponsored by 1hive.
Your Skillshare course assignments help train people, who you can direct to 1hive.

The end goal is to build out a community of project oriented:
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 7.20.56 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 7.21.50 PM

Types of people - and direct them into 1hive, while building up multiple social media platforms.

In addition to that, each class requires a project – and the students want to be led by example. So, in my case, I will need to share a homework assignment, or project for those people in each week.

Something that tangibly improves the lives of my students / viewers, which increases their skill sets, and also is worth while enough or applicable to my own projects.

After the program is complete, you get a bunch of people who made attempts, and some who completed the program.
You get competent video editors / project managers / educators / students / etc.
And 1hive becomes known as an educational and project oriented web3 group of “do-ers” – and attracts that sort of group right into Gardens, where they can grow their own businesses with some well designed toolsets, and aligned incentives for those projects as well – to be speculated about at some later date.

This program goes on for two Quarters.

Q3 and Q4 – with regular reports on statistics and distributions.

The skillshare swarm members also hold each other accountable with weekly reports for classes created | content released | follower and watch counts. | Things that worked well for them.

And we see how quickly – and how many channels we can get monetized on Youtube.


Once those channels are successfully monetized, each marketer / creator will have built an audience on multiple platforms, and will have substancially more income generating opportunities, and basically will have come up through the 1hive brand.


“Influencer | Educator Incubation.”
“Garden Population Bootstrapping | Training”
“Skillshare Swarm”


Basically, I’d like to formalize this into a proposal for Buzz – and set up a type of gamified reward system // weekly stipend – and a formal Swarm for accountability.

So we can focus on building our own youtube / skillshare / twitter / tik tok channels, with a specific target audience, training people for projects, and attaching their eduation to 1hive | metagame.

The main reason for the Swarm is to subsidize the beginning of the youtube | skillshare channel’s creation and motivate pushing past the point where people stop creating, due to a dip / valley where the incentives are not strong enough – and or, there is no co-worker support.

I think by investing in the development of these channels, with weekly check ins - we may get sufficient follow through to build up some solid media outlets friendly to 1hive, and branded with 1hive | metagame in mind.


@rootdraws Hey Bro , Great job , Greetings :handshake:

I really took the time to read everything you describe, your skilshare swarm idea!

I think it is something really interesting and visionary, considering that a large percentage of people from both the world, crypto or non-crypto.

they get involved every time in search of new strategies or learning!

I only have one question, would this swarm work with 1 team that manages specific accounts of 1hive, or would it be more a strategy between multiple users to attract people to 1hive!

owners of businesses, shops, warehouses as one day I saw that you published, that it would really attract people from any commercial point of view, and make Hny and Agave, a coin in circulation, in various settings!

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A strategy for multiple users, who build up their own platforms and execute weekly projects, under the 1hive brand. There is some competition, and some collaboration - and it’s all learning by doing.

Based on your talents / skills / passions / expertise. You pick optimal courses / projects / youtube adsense niches.

And then you focus on executing 1 project / 1 class each week.

The byproducts are videos that build a youtube channel toward monetization, and accumulate skillshare audience members.

Twitter | Tik Tok | Reddit can also grow from these byproducts.

1hive benefits by incubating influencer channels on multiple platforms.
These become experimental media / marketing gardens.
And each channel attracts / onboards 1hive members, who have developed the skills taught by the classes.

The projects can also attract audience members // collectors // or partnerships for 1hive.


This sounds really great!

I will be following the steps of each publication regarding this, I like the idea, and I think that with what I know something could be generated!

The best energies so that said swarm enters orbit soon!

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I love this proposal in Steemit a Tron platform is being applied and people for earning 1 dollar are forced to learn, it has been battle tested and it works.

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This will be more like a competition to produce effective content that will help others learn, and execute small projects each week to start little businesses.

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I am an internet marketer and I have a lot of problems with the big companies.

This plan focuses on building channels on Youtube, to sustain the building of audiences.
This plan also focuses on providing content for Skillshare, to attract talent and onboard them into the 1hive ecosystem.

This plan also leverages that content to grow followings on Twitter | Instagram | Tik Tok | Reddit.

I am an internet marketer who is comfortable using these platforms, and recognizes the value of deriving income and people from these platforms.

The problem with this is that many ideas are commercialized, I think creating a platform for 1 hive is a good solution the content could be sent anonymously I saw some good work from D0sh, if we all polish or create an open channel the talent will flourish.

People can team up. People can work independently.

Skillshare and Youtube Adsense are all Fiat.

And the objective is to draw that money into the creation of media channels.

My objective is to commercialize ideas, and help others choose to commercialize their ideas, to start small businesses, which bring revenue into 1hive.

If you’ve checked the price lately everyone is cashing out.

What cashing out means, is that they [1hive] - are just dumping on each other [people who are providing liquidity or still holding tokens.]

There is no utopian collectivism. The entire thing is based on speculative capitalism, funded by people with jobs or savings accounts or whatever.

The criticism is the same for Steemit | Hive, and all other platforms.

It is not simply a source of money for doing what you love.

It requires capital inflows in order to apply buying pressure, and those same capital inflows decrease sell pressure on the assets, which alleviate dumping on one another.

In addition to that – shilling to pump bags, with “Now” marketing costs money.

The reason that costs money is because other people have put in a lot of work to build their channels.

Those channels command high prices, because they are being commercialized.

I think we will bring in more people and more money if we build individually – or opt to team up when it makes sense.

I also think we will have a more sustained commitment, because people will believe in the long term incentives which drive them to continue to make new content week after week.

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I wish you the best and if you build something, I will be there.

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@rootdraws Good job on this idea, one thing however is I think a video per day may lead to burnouts which may affect long term productivity but that’s up to individual/team to decide.
I think there gonna be better synergy if the swarm works with other 1hive accounts as @Rohekbenitez mentioned so we’ll be able to get specific content through that

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Yea people working as a team will have an advantage in production consistency.

The objective is not 1 video a day though. It is 1 course each week.

The efficiency is that the course has 5+ 2 min videos in it - and the idea is to load these up and distribute them to grow youtube channels and other social media accounts.

It is a grind, but the long term reward is a monetized adsense account on youtube and a built audience on skillshare.

The short term rewards would be earnings from projects pollen / Metagame source cred and some % of a honey incentive.

I have modified the proposal I am working on to make it basically a League of Channel Teams.

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Awesome, will be looking forward to how this grows and evolves :slightly_smiling_face:

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@rootdraws Hello, I am a designer and I think my talent could be of some use in case I need , Hugs :green_heart:

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This type of initiative excites me and I wish to get started!

even the same people who participate in this will have a great learning, and if you have some kind of incentive in Hny, they will feel more motivated!

My motto is everything that is done as a team with enthusiasm and dedication can take us to another level!

Regarding what is routine, maybe for some it will be but if you love what you do you will feel so comfortable as to work for better things every day!

@Joshua It will evolve and we hope to see you on board, contributing with what you know how to do!

Happy Sunday Greetings from the Coffee Region, Colombia!


Yea, Paula, it’s looking like you would need to join a Design Team.

This is a competition, and it will require a lot of work, if the proposal goes through.

I love challenges and I am willing to adapt to it , Thank you I will be, super attentive to participate! :green_heart: :honeybee: