So far rough outline... In chunks for pab who is doing the slide deck. Will edit as suggestions come in1

Thank you everyone who helped brainstorm and helped prepare… @chuygarcia92 for precipitating the group call, @pab for preparing the visuals, @lkngtn for jumping in and carrying a bit when I was struggling, @willjgriff @will… is Will not on the Discourse? @D0SH for explaining the decentralization of Buzz thank you to the many many people who showed up and asked questions and answered questions… Blazar Solar and Boring for being so supportive David King I saw you to Mikey and Vyvy-vy for coming from Eddie’s server to support and represent, to Victor for being so patient
And Niran for having us and absolutely everyone.

Chunk 1- 1Hive is about community,

Chunk 2- We live-test governance and economics models in close collaboration with other projects and DAOs- Aragon, SourceCred, Token Engineering Commons, cadCAD, and BrightID-

Chunk 3- Honeyswap, decentralized exchange, or dex, is currently the only exchange that is run in a decentralized way by a DAO community.

Chunk 4- We are very inclusive.
Anyone can write a proposal and post it on our proposal page for voting.

Chunk 5- We use conviction voting, a voting model in which the amount of time tokens are put on a proposal is leveraged so that a smaller amount for a longer time counts more than a larger amount for a shorter time.
Separate chunk?- Voters can remove their Honey from a proposal at any time, they can raise the bar for a proposal to pass by dedicating Honey to the “Abstain” proposal, and most importantly, whether a proposal passes or not all Honey is returned at the end of the voting period. Voters get their Honey back.

Chunk 6- One of the really exciting things about 1Hive is how easy it is to be active in the community and also earn Honey for it. You can earn Honey just by posting on the Discord and getting reactions from other Bees.
We have active social media on many platforms, so no matter your favorite flavor there is a Honeyswap group for you, including reddit, twitter, instagram, telegram, (should we include facebook?), as well as the Discord here and our GitHub and Forum.

Chunk 7- We are happy to have so many creative people in the 1Hive community.

Recently two of our bees, pab and chuy, created a virtual venue for a music festival, Posadelic, so that the concert goers could enjoy attending even though travel was restricted.

Chunk 8-

Swarms are working groups within 1hive that collaborate for common goals. One such swarm in 1hive is the buzz dao. Buzz dao is the marketing swarm around 1hive. Blazar created a Quest for new members, to help people learn about 1Hive. At the end you get an xDai, which on the xDai chain will pay for many many transactions. New Members Bounty Program
Hmmm… Hopefully D0$H can talk about Buzz DAO here,
And Blazar about the Quest.

Chunk 9- We recently created a wiki to help round up all of the 1Hive information and document it in one readily accessible and updateable place.
Monstro maybe talk about wiki?

Chunk 10- Our Celeste swarm is creating a unique conflict resolution protocol.

Chunk 11- Luke talk about cadCAD.

Chunk 12- Griff talk about Gardens.

Chunk 13- We recently held an NFT contest.
Sand3sh’s NFT game.
Victor (who is a Bee now I think?) collab with Shenanigan.


Here’s the first draft.

I cut out chunks 11 and on because I believe these subjects can arise from the conversations held in previous slides, as well as during the Q&A part which is the end.

Also in general tried keeping the slides’ info very minimal to give more space to conversations around general topics instead of the whole thing having a script-like structure. (ngl it’s also because there’s not much time lol)

The green / white design is a sort of blend between 1hive & DAO Rush Week’s brandings.

Let me kow what you think. :slight_smile:


Thank you pab!
Hoping there’s room on my phone to download the whole thing.
I need to go “day job”.

2nd Draft - Added posadelic x 1hive booth video posted on discord by @chuygarcia92 - changed the conviction voting slide’s screenshot to showcase some other open proposals instead of just the “abstain proposal” that lies on top of the feed.

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