Social Cred Proposal

Social Cred will continuously reward contributions to our discord and this discourse. I believe encouraging people to engage and contribute in these channels will help us recognize and reward many of the important non-code contributions to the 1Hive community.

I will use SourceCred to calculate contributions and Multisender to distribute HONEY on a weekly basis based on the distribution.


330 HNY

  • 6 weekly distributions of 50 HONEY
  • Management reward of 30 HONEY


  • Six weeks (300 HONEY) of will be sent to private key controlled by me
  • I will run the Sourcecred algorithm to determine the weighting of the week’s distribution
  • Eligible participants scores will be scaled by the weekly distribution budget and sent using multisender

Note: I’m happy to do this myself, but would also be totally happy to hand off this responsibility to someone else if there is interest–but wanted to take the initiative and get the ball rolling!


Anyone who goes through an onboarding process where they verify ownership of their discourse and discord usernames, linking them to a specific ethereum address. We will try and use the discord onboarding bot to allow users to link their credentials and ethereum account, and entries will be manually verified by an admin/moderator to prevent “credentity” theft (where someone attempts to take credit for someone elses account).


I wonder if we would like to use the default parameters that Sourcecred has or should we consider some customizations?

Definitely, I think because we are doing this in such a way that it gets topped up over time, we can be pretty loose with how we structure it and just get started and tweak as needed.

Would be good to do a session (maybe next week), and explore where we should start, but I think its important that we go into it with the expectation that wherever we start we will probably want to adjust and adapt over time.

I’m interested to help with this task. I’m not requesting HONEY, my goal is to learn. So @lkngtn you’d still have to spend time and be rewarded. Let me know whether it makes any sense :slight_smile:


Sounds great!

I’ve been working with @aaron and @crisog on the dev cred infrastructure, and we should be able to replicate that for social cred fairly easily.

My expectation right now is that from an administrative perspective we would have a repo that has the config, and then a server that uses a cron job to git the latest config from a github repo, run the sourcecred algorithm, and serve the output at from a subdomain like or

The program manager would be responsible for helping onboard people (linking their accounts), and getting feedback to manage weights and what not if they seem out of whack.

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Ok so you’d do the admin part on the infra with @aaron and @crisog and I could help with the program manager part, is that correct? I’d be happy to, we can follow up on discord or keybase to discuss details!

Also I’d be interested to see how the sourcecred algo is run and how it is set up, but I assume I can do that from the sidelines :slight_smile:


I think sticking with the default parameters makes sense for now. this way we keep it as light weight as possible. if we feel the need to change them later on then we can revisit this

If you help out you should definitely request some :honey_pot:!

Hi, I just found out this older thread. As this proposal was for 6 weeks and the progra is obviously still running, what is the current status with regards to duration and weekly rewards?


This proposal did not become active till September 11th. There are 3 more weeks before we need a new proposal to continue distributions.