Someone should do an Open Defi talk

This completely went by my head. Idk how, basically there is this Discord channel called “Open Defi” that hosts community calls. Patrick Collins from Chainlink was on there, the 0xBTC dev, the guys who are developing the reach language. Usually 20-15 people pop inside there but those are usually guys that know their stuff, like devs/miners/investors. The talks are usually held afternoon (American timezones) on Thursdays, I think it would be a good promotion. They usually last 1 hour, I think that is very comfortable for us to talk about.

If I get positive feedback I can make the talk arrangement.

In fact, they also have representatives of other crypto projects, it wouldn’t be bad to have a rep there, this would grow their community, our community and give us also more connections to other projects.

It would possibly be best if someone from the dev swarm who has an overview of all of our current projects gives a talk, the best thing would be a seed member, because there are developers who might be interested.

Server link:


I basically said that I will send him a confirmation when we have a candidate who could do it. That means next week was his proposal, we can also do it later!

The doors are open :honeybee: s ! Whichever dev can give an overview of our projects and host a call (usually the hosts share their screen and then also have some kind of presentation ready) please message me so I can put you into contact with the guy who organises it!


Sounds like a nice place to get some exposure for the 1hive projects and pitch about Agave on xdai , Honeyswap,the new sustainable farms,Celeste, Dripp farm etc.


Thank-you for bringing this project to our attention.
The talk seems well-run with a great potential for getting our projects seen by a deep development community. Nice find and I agree it would be a good place for a 1Hive talk.

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