Spanish twitter?

I was looking for something about what had happened with the intercommunity twitters, but I don’t have a clear answer, apart from a twitter profile with 2 years of inactivity Spanish Twitter, I understand that was handling byhad terraswarm, but any news about this? It would be great to have it back, although I would like to know the reasons/maintenance that this would entail, or its reason for disuse

In this Question I would also like to compile the efforts and costs at the time of your terraswarm proposals, to see what can be changed and promoted, for greater success in case of resuming, it would be good to take the direct metrics from twitter if possible, for a better panorama, since avoiding a market that is increasingly on the rise is an error, and understandably it is complicated,i was a CM of Shapeshift in Spanish on different platforms I can understand but our twitter has achieved success for which, why 1hive? it did not? Being at least in my case their dapps in terms of Gnosis is the ones that I use the most

If someone could provide me with more information or the ones that I ask above, it would be very good.

Due to lack of community conviction for the value Terra Swarm provided back in the days, we decided to halt all operations of the Swarm. And basically, the operations of the Buzz Swarm is also at a halt as well as there is a general consensus in the community to prioritize development and maintenance of our protocols.
By the way, @MrBear, you can get in touch with us on our Discord server to keep in touch. If things change in the future, we can either restart Terra or work as part of Buzz for global outreach as well.