Talking about the future

We need to get our children to think about the future and write essays on the subject of the future. (“Future Shock”, Alvin Toffler)

We are all traveling to the future as the “Time ship” passengers. The future will come, but in what form and with what characteristics, it has always been a question of humanity.

futures studies opens the eyes of the people to the events, opportunities and possible dangers of the future and reduces the erosive ambiguities and doubts. It provide us the ability to make much smarter choices.

I am a futurist and since I have studied in this field, I tend to use my knowledge to develop and build a better future for our community and 1hive community.

One of the most important topics in the field of futures studies is “images of the future”. There is a theory behind that says: SOme portion of the future is built, based on the mental imagery of individuals about the future. According to this, if a society sees a bright, beautiful and desirable future, and if they have a black, bad, negative and undesirable mental image about the future, It subconsciously, affect the choices they make over time, and based on this mental image, a dark future will be formed.
The purpose of this post is to identify and analyze the mental images of members towards the future in order to shape a better future.
This method is one of those many methods of futures studies which can help, to have a better understanding about the future, and based on it, heading for a more desirable future through taking wise decisions and actions.

What am i asking you is that:
In response to this post, please tell, how you see the future of 1hive in ten years? Please describe it in as much details as possible. Tell a story. Choose a hero for your story and name him. Take him around in your future world. What are important quantitative numbers, maybe prices, amount and quality of services, ideas behind those services, people’s mentality towards honey and 1hive, the amount of 1hive services entering people’s lives and the community behind those services. The situation of competitors in that world, etc…

All scenarios may be considered in following directions:

1 - Pure realism (Believable reality is considered.)
2 - Idealism (Desirability is the criterion of this view.)

They can be just 1 line or maybe more than 2 paragraphs.
Please don’t look at others posts at first round.

The answer to this question can lead us to most important challenges about the future that knowing them before their occurrence can make us more aware for important issues. Otherwise, due to a lot of hard work and even hope, a kind of blindness and fanaticism will grieve us.

Why this is so non-sense for this community :man_facepalming: