The spirit of 1hive ✨

In Together we thrive, Luke did a very good job describing 1hive as a cybernetic superorganism. It cached my mind and rooted with other ideas I were exposed lately, so I’d like to expand a little bit the idea of the spirit of a DAO could be.

I use to go very often to walk in a mountain near a river. It’s a long walk that take around three hours, and gives a lot of time to think. Nature is gives me pace of spirit and the walk strengthen my body. The views are awesome.

There I come up with some connections of ideas that later I shared in the Token Engineering Commons forum, and I’d like to cross-post here:

As I tell in the post, the spirits of rivers, mountains, common values or public goods are defenseless and not heart, meanwhile corporations can sue governments if they make laws contrary to their interests. If we could embody their spirits inside cybernetic superorganisms (I’m taking that from you @lkngtn), it would be easier for them to have an impact in the physical world. Maybe a river could sue a company that pollutes it because it has money to hire lawyers.

There are many connections we can do with ancient traditions and folklore. We can refer to tokens that embody the spirit of the things we value as totems :moyai:, that we can worship because we value what they represent. The same way, we can talk about bonding curves as toriis :shinto_shrine: that are objects that symbolically mark the transition from the mundane to the sacred because they are guarding the boundaries of our Garden DAOs (first principle of Ostrom). I’m sure we can find tons of these that makes sense!

What is the spirit of 1hive then? Celeste is the piece of software that can serve as interface for our shared values, our beliefs and or hopes. Our values are the true spirit of the hive :sparkles:, and I’m really expectant on seeing what these values will do now that they can act by themselves.


My jaw dropped reading this, Im still not even halfway through Meditations on Moloch but these kinds of ideas almost made me tear up realizing the kinds of efforts going on within 1hive and more specifically the gardens swarm. I think this sort of reading material should have a place somewhere within the wiki to make it easier for new bees to really grapple at the kinds of problems 1hive is trying to confront - greetings from México @sem :smiley: