Thinking about a calendar bot for the Discord

A calendar bot has come up a few times I understand?
@solarmkd and I were kicking around the idea of creating a proposal for a bounty for such a thing.
Is this something the community would like to have?
If so, what is a reasonable bounty?
How hard is one to make?
How much maintenance?

We’re looking for something that will print a list of upcoming meetings in response to a bot command.

Maybe include project events, like when something (:agave:) is going to launch or interesting 1Hive related media gets released.

Better yet, it would also drop prompts, like the “Go get your Honey” Bee.
“Cafe call in 30 minutes” or some such.
Or maybe that’s a different bot?

I think it would be nice to just pop a bot command and not have to look for a calendar link. The different swarms would need to keep their inputs up-to-date, or else we would need a bot-person to just keep the inputs up-to-date, not necessarily the person who codes the bot.


Yeah this is very important cause we will get more clarity onto scheduled meetings , new users on 1hive could get easy and fast info on the scheduled calls , reminders and even weekly recaps if it’s possible. It was discussed before that swarms should all have common google calendar for calls and feedback so this might be the best idea for Discord to set up a bot that would be used to read such info and create automated reminders.

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I think its a good idea. I know how things can get messy real quick when everyone has different timezones. I did some digging around and there seem to be some bots that already do the job, such as What do you guys think?

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Making a calendar bot isn’t very complex and requires minimal maintenance.
About maintaining the meeting calendar, we could use a few simple solutions(so that almost anyone can keep the calendar up to date)-

  • Use json files in the github repo(cons- The repo might get big so we might need to chop down the calendar to only holds dates for 1-2 years)
    json files can be like-
        "day": "Monday",
        "date": "1",
        "month": "Jan",
        "events": [
        "1 GMT" : {"Discord Call": "description", "January meet": "description"}


  • Using github markdown tables for making a Table for Calendars and making the bot parse the data from there
  • Google Calendar(easy to use and maintain, simple UI): It has an API that the bot can use
    We could use
  • All of this can be linked with the bot too, where we do discord commands and can also use a UI to add calendar events

That is a good option however, maybe we may want more customisable bots?
(esp. if we make our own, we can make an API and use that for bots on both Discourse, Discord and any other platform for 1Hive, esp. since the calendar would be accessible)


I agree with @Vyvy-vi, it may be a better idea to make our own bot from scratch, that way we could customize it as much as we want and add features as we see fit.

In my opinion, Google Calendar API is the best option, it has a courtesy limit of 1,000,000 queries a day, which should be enough for us.


No more one says; shame, I didn’t know… #agave ;D