This BrightID connected address has been replaced

I want to change my address! Can you just disconnect my current address and I will used the QR code to connect the right address?

I would go to BrightID for this. this is their

we cant help in brightID stuff

We have no ability to unregister an address registered to BrightId and when you register a new address you can never re-register any of your old addresses.

I did that but I don’t understand what is happening, because it show me a message who said “registering” but if I refresh the page, the page again ask me for register!

^.^// , would be nice if you can join our discord, since we can help you their much easier and faster .

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I can’t join in!
It says: “You don’t have permission to send messages in this channel”

Read welcome , so you get access. you can also msg me in discord " Boring877#1378 "

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I don’t remember.
Do you need to approve that in Metamask as well?

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he is already in :heart:. also I think we got his problem fixed