Token Curated Idea for a World Traveler NFT/POAP

I have an idea for a Token Curated Registry of POAPs. It would require a TCR, similar to what district0x provides, a hook into POAP, and the most difficult piece would be a mobile app.

A world traveler POAP. Essentially an accolade for visiting popular areas. This could act as a diary of sorts. As an example, say you visit the Eiffel Tower. You could visit the dApp on your phone, take a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, use your GPS to confirm location and buy the POAP. The photo could be uploaded to IPFS and linked to that NFT.

The token curation part would be in order to prohibit mass spamming, such as store owners adding their shop, or every single person trying to create their own individual Eiffel Tower POAP. It should be the same NFT for everyone visiting the Eiffel tower with just a unique id for the image, date, etc.

In my opinion, they should be very cheap to purchase. Perhaps gas fee + a very trivial amount, like 1 DAI, to both reward the original bounty, aka the person who originally created that locations POAP, as well as a reward to any member who has staked token on that location - staking could further harden a single NFT as the overall accepted NFT for a particular location.

Speaking of staking on a location, here is the idea there. Lets say I create a POAP for Eiffel Tower (lets just stick to this example) to the registry along with my bounty; the bounty would have a minimum though users could stake more on their bounty if they’re confident in its acceptance - the risk here is that if the community votes against it, they lose this bounty as fine for their attempt to spam the community with a useless or duplicate location. The POAP would then go to the community for curation where users could stake tokens FOR - aka this is a unique location not yet created and is a valid and useful, for the community, location. Or they could stake against, aka its a duplicate or spam location. Basic curation here really.

After it has passed curation, the token can then have further gaming on it by giving some portion of all sales to the original creator, along with a portion to all users who are staked on that location. So if we go back to the eiffel tower, everyone who voted for my Eiffel Tower location being added would be eligible to split 80% of all sales of that “POAP” as reward for staking their TRVLR token on that location. the creator would get the other 20%. Those numbers are made up and I think would take a lot of discussion to really come to a good conclusion on where they would sit.

Also, it might be nice if the location creator could have a slider where they are willing to give more to the community or keep more for themselves. Essentially it could be where the creator stakes the minimum on their location, they get 5% and community 95%, but if the staker does 2x minimum, they get 10%, if they do 4x they get 20%. Just spitballing here, and someone smarter than me would likely have better suggestions here, but just getting the ball rolling.

Finally, we get down to the end user. They use their phone, gps pulls location and shows the available POAP(s) where they can select it - if one doesnt exist, the dApp would give the suggestion of creating one with all the necessary game theory above involved. The user takes their picture, uploads it, buys the NFT and boom, they’ve added to their collection.

I know gps could be gamed and users can collect whichever they want, but the NFT themselves really shouldnt be worth anything so that shouldnt matter. It would be more of a way of keeping track of everywhere you’ve been on a public journal. Similar to posting your pics on facebook for your friends to see. If combined with EPNS, you could have a “friends” list who could get push notifications when a location is purchased so they could see who is where and the pics.

OK, i know i’ve babbled here, but hopefully there is some coherent idea there and I think it would be a fun exciting project.


It seems interesting that I am researching nft. Your article can give a good boost to these communities. Thank you.

Yeah it’s an interesting idea. The whole time I was reading through I was thinking of geocache adventures. It’s a very niche activity, but I think that would be the type of crowd that would really see the use in this sort of thing.

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So I do this thing with my kids where they get Accolades for doing new things. Go mountain biking with me, get the Mountain Biking Accolade. I take a picture of them at the entrance to the trails and save it for later, then I’ll make a meme and add it to the digital frame. The kids love it, they earn accolades all the time and will make up their own. “Dad, take a picture i get a ‘Jumped over the creek’ Accolade”

I’ve found it really encourages them to try new things and experience new things, as well as do more activities with me. It also acts like a diary. We can go back through these pictures tagged accolades and see all of our adventures.

I really thought of this project because i’d love to create a eth address for each kid, give them some eth, and also use it to take these Accolades in an NFT/POAP form on their address. I considered just an easy POAP that has a tag to a picture name or something that i could use to display on my server, but then thought this could actually be a much larger project.

It would be so neat to pull up your eth address and look at NFTs and see all of the Accolades earned over the years. “Rafting through Grand Canyon” accolade, Hiking Pikes Peak summit, Camping at Yellowstone, etc etc.


I love it sounds like a great idea.

I might just steal your idea, and do that with my kids that with my kids. Or hopefully you build this project out, and I can use that.

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