Token-Gated Discord Access with 50HNY Requirement

Token-Gated Discord Access with 50HNY Requirement

Proposal Type: Signaling Proposal

Proposal Description

This proposal introduces a new requirement for accessing the 1Hive Discord server. The proposal is to use Token-Gated Discord and require a minimum holding of 50HNY in the user’s wallet using the 1Hive platform to access the majority of the channels.

The proposal is intended to promote community participation and investment in the 1Hive ecosystem, while also reducing spam and bot accounts.

Proposal Rationale

There are several reasons why we believe it is important to introduce this new requirement:

  • Increase community participation and engagement: Requiring a minimum holding of HNY will incentivize users to become more involved in the 1Hive ecosystem, as well as provide a sense of ownership over the community.
  • Reduce spam and bot accounts: By requiring a minimum holding of HNY, we can discourage the creation of fake accounts or bots that can harm the community.
  • Create a stronger community: Having a minimum holding of HNY will ensure that users are invested in the community and have a genuine interest in its success.
  • Increase the value of HNY: The requirement to hold HNY to access the 1Hive Discord server could potentially increase the demand for HNY and create a more sustainable ecosystem.


The following channels will remain open to all Discord users:

  • Welcome
  • Off-Topic
  • Announcements
  • General
  • Support

The following channels will be gated by the 50HNY requirement:

  • Governance
  • And others secrets channels created together with the holders.

Others channels will be archieved (compost) and only visible to who have the 50HNY role.

Implementation Details

This proposal will be implemented using Token-Gated Discord with a 50HNY requirement using the platform. The community can provide feedback for the next seven days, and after that, the 1Hive team will proceed with implementing the change.

Any feedback and suggestion its welcome. Dont hesite to do that, can be posting here, discord channels or DMing me.


Not a bad idea, but the 50HNY requirement is quite high, we don’t want to be super restrictive.


The test discord server @lkngtn set up to try this out was pretty active with 1hiver’s past and present - people seem to feel more comfortable chatting when they know everyone in the room is part of the community without question.

I like this setup as is, but eventually some solutions to @Kryptobi’s comment could be added like new channels with a lower HNY requirement, or grants to contributors that would have financial trouble with a 50 HNY commitment.


Hey guys, I’m in favor of reducing the stake needed to access the discord. If it’s too much, it might change the identity vision of 1hive a little bit to be a stake to access. But here we just want to discourage bots and potential scammers.

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I’d also like to have the celeste stake counted on the gated

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the main reason is increase participation, regroup and stabilize HNY value.

Yeah i thought that also and talked with most guys about, i just idk how much effort its needed to make it work. If you know some way to capture that from subgraph or contracts let me now ASAP so i can make it work :smiley:

About decrease i think we found better ideas like that.

I see this as an experiment, not something set in stone, and I’m curious to see if we can achieve the desired results.

I understand that 50HNY may not be a significant amount for those who have contributed or are contributing to the 1Hive community. However, this token-gated system is intended to encourage participation and growth, and we can consider changing the rules in the future if the results are positive.

We can also create other channels with different gates.

In 4 days, we will implement changes and put most of the current channels to compost categories.

I want to see 1Hive thrive again and connect with those who genuinely want to see the community grow and invest their time and resources to make it happen.

Please let me know your thoughts.