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Hello ( ´ ω ` ),

i will make things short ,

I went to trading view team support ,and asked them to add hny/xdai , they told me to make request on reddit and we did , then i went back to them again , they told me they going to ask data team .
Data team in TradingView has open request for us and we are good to go .However , Data team need to see request for Hny/Xdai send to there support . so they can see their users wants it , and has huge community . blow my message with their awesome support .╰(´︶`)╯♡ ~~

Edit: not sure why gifs does not work , can download it @@
Edit 2 : thanks @omahs for help me

Here guied how you can request hny/xdai in trading view . (⌒▽⌒)☆
please Open ticket and request hny/xdai
Go To Then follow this

Edit: not sure why gifs does not work , can download it @@
Edit 2 : thanks @omahs for help me


Please make sure to write something nice also dont forget to link these

I CANT Do This Alone , Been Talking With Them Past 3 weeks . Please Help (⌒_⌒;)


Come Here Mr.Doggy, You Are good boy :relaxed:

Hi Boring, it seems that it has to do with the size in pixels of the gif.
With trial and error I figured that 500px works.

You can also try to upload the gifs to an image hosting website and paste the link.
It works with this one:

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Trading view is definitely the most used platform to analyse crypto charts.
this is a great idea @boring877! good job guys i love the initiative.

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Doing great job guy , appear on tradingview should be a huge milestone of HNY.


Done! It seemed a bit complicated as I did not have the same options like yours on the GIF. I managed to find it in the end. Thank you, @boring877 for taking the initiative.

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Good initiative guys! I managed to follow your instructions. Hope they add hny/xdai soon

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Great idea! Done! Just sent my request. Thanks for the easy template to follow!

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