Training Academy - For onboarding and ongoing training

So after spending a short time ( around 4-6 weeks on Discourse and Discord) with the 1Hive community, I realised it is really difficult for anyone new and under skilled to be a meaningful part of the community and figure out how to contribute to this thriving ecosystem. After a recent community call on another protocol, I realised that this issue is common to most DAOs as working in Decentralised teams is a novel approach.

Issue: Newbees come with various skill levels, communication challenges and personalities. I think some newbees genuinely would like to get involved in the workings of the DAO and be able to contribute in a meaningful way but feel lost. In DAO structures such as 1Hive, there is not really a home where newbees can sort of get buddied with and learn specific skills that can be utilised for the DAO.

Proposal: I would like to float the idea of a Training Academy which could be funded with a small budget on a trial basis that could be a catchment for people that are new to a DAO and are trying to find a home and contribute.

How I see this could work:

  1. Community leaders/ OGs and other active participants of the 1Hive DAO should look into their specific swarms and highlight areas which need resources and the specific skills.
  2. A list is of these ‘To Do’ items along with skills should be populated and posted in a specific channel for users to claim
  3. Buddies/Mentors that are willing to support and build skills for newbees could also be tagged with specific ‘To Do’ items
  4. Training centre could be established to look into developing resources for the various skillsets that are in demand. Pools of volunteers can be trained and utilised in:
  5. Performing routine tasks that may reduce workloads on current worker bees.
  6. Testing of alpha/beta functionalities
  7. Possibly generating income flows by leasing trainee bees to other protocols with their newly acquired skills.


  1. Finding new resources with various skill sets and being able to increase the productivity of the hive as a whole.
  2. Making it interesting for newbees to be onboarded and retaining interested and committed bees in the Hive which eventually will add value to the Hive.
  3. Reducing strain on current worker bees by being able to share the workload.
  4. Get bees that are committed to feel part of the group, provide opportunities to grow and contribute more as a cycle.

If you are a newbee or an OG or founding member here in 1Hive, I would really like some feedback on this. From the newbees I would like to hear narratives on how they find discord/ forum and if they have been able to contribute in meaningful ways to the community and the path they have taken!

Note: I know we have #morphosis, but I am not sure its organised as a Training Academy specifically to target new worker bees.

Do you think a Training Academy will help
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  • No

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What do you think will be a good frequency for the Onboarding Training
  • Every Month
  • Every 3 Months
  • Every 6 Months

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I would say monthly to start then adjust based on need. I think it is a great idea. I came here with limited knowledge and I still feel lost after a few months. That’s partly due to the amount of free time I have.


Hey @KZFlyer, thanks for dropping by. Yea the purpose of the post was based on my experience on how i find it difficult to meaningfully contribute. I can only afford some spare time due to my other commitments, but still I feel when someone is looking to contribute, if we can make it frictionless it will be a much better experience for everyone overall. Lets see what the interest in this post is like. If i get a few tens of likes and votes, I will try to make this into a formal proposal.

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Yes! Coming in now, or even in the past few months, everything can be quite overwhelming. Having a set path to take to get up to speed on things would be so helpful. I think the best part is it will help identify what skills the newbee has and where they can contribute the most. Super helpful for those that lack the technical skills…like me. :slight_smile:

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I completely agree. As I see it, there may be new bees that are willing to complete productive work and may be lost and worse get deterred by the complexity of the system and we may end up loosing someone that would have provided value to the system.

And I think technical or not, it should be easy enough for someone that onboards with the intention to contribute to be able to go to a start point (home) get assigned something easy ‘to do’ and then progress onwards based on commitment and willingness to learn. This could then really find the diamonds in the rough!

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It’s a good idea. Learning makes us

I really like you ideea, hope it gets done, if you need help, DM me.:slight_smile:

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@ZER8 thanks for showing interest and support. If this topic catches on and I get more participation, I may need help putting together a signalling proposal to see if the community supports the idea. I will ping you for sure.

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absolutely love the idea

The beauty of 1Hive is that it is organic and there is no particular way to get involved- how to get involved is as individual as the people doing it.
There are already bounty boards from different swarms for things that needs doing.
Often times the useful things that need done are thought of by the person doing the useful things.

It’s really not that hard to find your way in, but it is a bit of work. The really nice thing about how 1Hive works now is that people work independently, don’t require a lot of hand-holding, and can think of their own things to do.

Self- starters are essential.

1Hive already offers more support and more opportunities than any DAO I’ve seen.

Several people have quit their jobs to do this full-time.

If someone did do a new user intro group I’m sure it would be supported. I think the new users who see the need should do it.

I’m always a little cold when new people propose how 1Hive could be doing more. We already are doing more… a lot more.

That said, @project_uwb, you’re a go-getter and soon will see this proposal isn’t actually necessary. When we create a lead-them-by-the-nose open source guidance system we end up with a DAO full of people who need to be led by the nose. The way it is is far more efficient.


@metaverde always appreciate the constructive feedback. I guess after reading your opinion i sorta had the lightbulb moment. I understand why we need more self-starters as this is what makes this place it is today. I know i may have come off as suggesting it has been difficult to find something to contribute to 1Hive in a meaningful way, but I guess it was a little frustration at not being skilled enough to actually be able to contribute. I guess I also understand why I may not really have to take this proposal further! I may leave it for some time to see what other reactions it may garner, but I see that the path to contribute to 1Hive is to up-skill myself to a level where I can contribute independently without needing direction!

Having said that though, I still think at some level it may help new users to have like an onboarding training which may point out to some useful things that you mentioned (like the individual bounty boards - which i do not know where to find!!!) in this large decentralised org as new users may feel lost when they find 1Hive for the first time.

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Oh yes.
I’m not sure what all is in the Welcome Bounty but
I bet
we could put together a good Now what? bounty to follow it up.
Also, it would be useful to have someone hit up all the swarms and ask if they have Bounty Boards or suggestions for best integration into their group.
For example, if you’re active about any of the projects on social media Buzz will find you, and if you’re posting tested code you’re writing someone will snag you for a project.
For me to tell someone else how to get involved isn’t effective. Just do the things you like to do, with us. It’s really just that.


Just linking some related conversation from TEC

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I definitely like the “to-do” areas. Learning by doing is second only to learning by teaching. Teaching is a bit too intimdating, especially if one’s not well-versed in a subject area yet, so this model of gamifying or making interactions task-based is an excellent idea and help people feel invested in a community. Further, it provides a solid roadmap for success for people to get handheld down, in a sense, so I like this and essentially all of these proposals. However we can better on-board people to the community and introduce not token speculators, but people here for the tech is a winning idea.

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Hello, how was this proposal? I want to start doing vuias es español to help new people in the first steps in a dao.

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Hey cheo … welcome to the hive. I think if you go through the thread… I started it really early on in my Hive journey and did not have a full understanding of how this space works or for that matter how a DAO works. I was treating it to be like any other organisation which should provide a pathway for everyone. But @metaverde gave me some context of the DAO and its workings - I realised later on that a DAO is an open organisation and hence there is no set ways to be inducted to it! So I left it at that.

I mean if you can think of ways to make it easier to onboard new beez and create something for them - please do. Every little bit helps make this DAO stronger and that is what makes it so much fun. Do what you think will be best for the DAO and it just gives back in multiple folds!

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Thank you I will give my all to help in the growth of this great project

Plus some other from SourceCred forum.

I’m relatively new to the community and I’m kinda good with designs. I made a design on 1Hive discord and was told that i should follow the guidelines… I’d really be glad if someone can put me through. I wanna be of help to this community!


Hey @Ariez what kind of designs are you talking about? Are you an artist? If you are and looking at working on something cool… check out this post and come join us in the 1Hive discord.

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