Transfer and extend ownership of prdao.eth to ETH PR DAO wallet

Transfer ENS to DAO ownership

Proposal Information

prdao.eth is currently under private ownership. I would like to transfer the ens domain to collective ownership of the DAO.


Which wallet address is it transferred to?

The garden DAO EOA (0xc3a254250CFFD6caF1Cd481B7f2B52e02946488f)
A new gnosis multi-sig?

Proposal Rationale
Having a easy and short ens name prdao.eth will make it easier for people to follow and track the dao, and to send funds to the treasury.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Here is a detailed explanation of how to transfer ens domains.

Here is the ENS website

If approved the name can be transferred immediately, with the biggest constraint being gas costs.

We will also want to extend the domain ownership indefinitely since it expires on 2022.06.24

This proposal has been cancelled because apparently gnosis chain doesn’t support ENS :frowning:


My understanding is that you can control a Mainnet Safe directly from Gnosis Chain and if you setted up your Garden with a Safe your DAO should be able to manage it, that’s what we’ve done afaik, I just don’t know how does that really work in the background.