TreeHOuseDAO Example

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Hey Gustavo!

Yesterday I was checking Gardens to see if there are some new Gardens out there. And I noticed that the conviction parameters of your Garden is misconfigured, which also happened to 1Hive as well, allowing anyone with small amounts of the garden token to just drain the common pool. And basically, I did the same and right now, your TreeHouse Garden’s $THD tokens from the common pool are now in my wallet.

I know the token does not have huge liquidity but I just went ahead and did what needed to be done. Feel free to find me on 1Hive Discord so that I can send you the tokens back.


Hey mrtdlgc,

as far as I know nobody really has ownership of the dao. The person is missing. Is there any option for the members of the dao to change those parameters? And are there any plans to fix this issue? I feel it should be possible for persons who aren’t super knowledgeable to just create a garden and not have their funds taken.

I had some hope that, maybe at some time in the future, this dao could actually work on sustainable autonomic treehouses. That’s why I actually bought THD. But I didn’t get to write a proposal… yet. And now the funds are gone. And the owner is missing…

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Hey, sorry for my late response.

I was actually able to contact Gustavo on Twitter, and having verified that he still has access to the private key of the DAO deployer, I have sent all the THD tokens to the deployer address as you can see here:

You can try contacting him on Twitter as well!

Also, if you are concerned that you have lost some money due to this, I doubt it because no one actually touched the liquidity pool. So, you can actually sell your THD tokens, the only loss you would incur would be the slippage and some difference due to depreciation of HNY price since you bought in :slight_smile:

See, here’s the liquidity pool: UniswapV2Pair | Address 0xb90eb633dc9a5793380218b82a15efa6f4f89b0b | GnosisScan

hey! this was just an experimentation on my side, all good from our side.

@mrtdlgc contacted me several weeks ago and explained the issue and sent me back “the funds”.

Do you need anything from me, are there any parameters to be changed? This DAO has actually never operative, but If you guys need me to change any parameters, please specify what needs to be done.

Hey you guys, thanks for the quick response. I’m not sure what needs to be changed. That a single vote can’t drain the pool would be a good start. I still haven’t lost hope for 1hive and this idea, even though it was just a test in the beginning. It’s sad to see all these lifeless defunct gardens…