Tried swapping Honey for USDT on but doesn't seems to be 'real' USDT token?

Dear all,

I tried to swap some of my HONEY via honeyswap org into USDT, but my Metamask shows that the USDT I received is under the following token contract address:

Which is not the official ‘real’ USDT contract address I believe:

So please help me understand? Was this a scam? Or what kind of token is the former USDT?

How can I trade this into real USDT please?

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As I know , the USDT on xDai chain is testnet USDT which is use for testing purpose, it has no valueable .

Pls noted that , HNY is on xDai chain. The only way to get real money is swap everything to xDAI then use xDai bridge at to swap to ETH mainnet

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You can see the list of bridged tokens on this address:

I suppose you should be able to bridge the USDT via the Omnibridge; however, I haven’t tried bridging USDT using Omnbridge. Can you try this address to swap them to the mainnet?

Alternatively you can come to #help on Discord, we’ll be able to help you faster to resolve your problem.

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the contract address 0x4ECaBa5870353805a9F068101A40E0f32ed605C6 appears to be the bridged USDT token. However, there is very little liquidity for it. The reason you see no transactions in the link you provided is because etherscan is looking for the contract on mainnet, The contract can be found here.

The good news is there is about $4000 worth of liquidity in the USDT/WXDAI pair and USDT has a $0.04 premium, you can trade it here

For future reference, there is little need to use any other stable coin on xDAI as the base currency is a stable token its self. Hope you find that helpful


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@GreenHornet. Thank you. So I guess I will swap back from USDT to XDAI using the link you mentioned and then proceed with that to the link mentioned by wikisum, namely ?

yes you can swap using that link. then if you want to get your DAI on mainnet then you can use the bridge. but there is no need to do that. you can leave it on xDAI and trade using honeyswap with much lower fees than mainnet.

also if it works out for you I would appreciate a like, you know

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Yes, It the right way I thought . Good luck

@GreenHornet Thanks. However, if I stay on honeyswap / xDAI, what way can i get onto the Ethereum ERC20 mainnet, so to trade further on a large exchange?

if you want to trade on mainnet then you need to use the bridge.

good luck and remember

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