Tulip Farming AMA

Hey folks! :wave:t4:

The next episode of :studio_microphone: DAOn To Earth :studio_microphone: will be recorded this weekend and it will be a juicy one! As we get ready to launch the new 1Hive Farming protocol built by the Tulip Swarm we will have @philogy and @Monstrosity on the show.

Phil is one of the core devs for the project and will be able to answer your technical questions, and Monstro was instrumental in helping to prepare the rationale for the initial pairs we will be supporting as well as some of the plans we have to democratize the addition of new pairs.

As always I would like to call on the community to help curate the questions I ask the guests. Please drop any questions you have about Tulip and specifically the new farms down below and I will try to get through them all.

The episode will be recorded on Sunday, May 23 @ 6 am UTC. That will still be Saturday, May 22 @ 10 pm PST for those on the west coast of the Americas, and Sunday, May 23 @ 1 am EST 7 am CET. Sorry if these times are a little awkward for your timezone and sleep pattern, but you can blame decentralization. I hope some of you will still be able to make it, and if not please leave your questions below and you will be able to catch the answers on the recording.


Hola , soy nuevo por estos lados podrias explicarme que es tulip swarm es Honeyswap v3? muchas gracias.

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Absolutely, I will be sure to include a brief description of what Tulip is on the episode.

You can also get a really short overview of what Tulip is as well as the other Swarms by checking out this cool interactive slide deck: Welcome to 1Hive Swarms

I love the new farming especially the UI that looks clean and more navigable. By the way, i saw feature of swap, pool, and borrow/lend. My question is “Will some of the 1hive smart contracts like honeyswap (for swap and pool feature), Agave (for borrow/lend feature), etc. will be run under the new honeycomb site?”

@CurlyBracketEffect … mate really looking forward to these episodes not and a great choice of topic just in time for the mining frenzy to begin on xDAI and 1Hive. I was lucky to have a chance at playing with the Farms on the Rinkeby testnet and have really high expectations of how they are going to perform. So here are some of my questions some of which I am sure you will cover anyways as part of your normal question routine:

  1. So wen moon!! lol … but seriously wen farms, wen xCOMB - What kind of timelines are we talking about?
  2. As a community member of other DAOs and protocols, I have been involved in Solana and its DEXs, Polygon and its DEXs and seen the yield farming craze. Some like Comethswap, Quickswap and Raydium have been extremely successful in bringing and keeping liquidity to their respective protocols. What do the xCOMB devs think about these protocols and how we can differentiate from these? What would make users choose our Farms over these? What can we learn and adopt from these protocols?
  3. Would be great if you could get someone from the team do a very quick intro to Tulip Wallet and the new farms and what the “Sustainable” part is and how we differ from other yield faming protocols for newbies.
  4. Can we get a sneak peak at what the a latest list of LPs is that is going to be incentivised by the xCOMB tokens? Could we get what the ‘secret’ was for these LPs to make the cut for being incentivised?
  5. Airdrops are great and all, but I have seen the madness they bring along in terms of community engagement in a lot of projects. How are we planning to cope with the additional ‘wen moon’, ‘wen airdrop’ and ‘i did not get airdrop help’ users? Do we have a plan in place on how to deal with this as 1Hive discord at the moment is fairly structured and calm.

Thats all I have for now. Feel like there is more questions but I will give it a rest and let others chip in as well. Thanks for putting these together.


Thanks as always for the support and great questions @project_uwb. I will be sure to work those into the conversation :pray:t4:


  1. One additional question with the blood on the market over the last couple of days, what do the Tulip team think about the timing of releasing the farms?
  2. In my opinion the most important to get liquidity to xDAI/1Hive will be to have a stable bridge from BSC/ Polygon and other L2s and L1s. Have the team discussed with xPOLLINATE on what can be done to ensure the bridges are stable and may be even support liquidity in their routers when we open up the farms? I assume liquidity will mostly come from within crypto than fiat onramps. Also the woes with BSC are not gonna help and we can find a better way for liquidity to move from BSC, and target marketing we could allow this liquidity that wants to leave BSC to come to xDAI. Would be interested to know what the team thinks fo this?

:honeybee: Your questions are powerful. Very happy to read all your suggestions. Regarding the BSC bridge, have you seen OmniBridge ? I just came over from the bsc and the omnibridge was easy cheap and fast.:+1:I was amazed. Especially after initially sending Dai from bsc to Ethereum in order to lock it in and get xdai, which had some classic high gas fees.

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Just copied this announcement for those that don’t know where the AMA will be held :

Kicking off in about 30 minutes we will be recording another episode of DAOn To Earth in the Radio channel channel. Today we will be talking with @monstrosity and @Philogy about the new Honeycomb farms that are launching soon. Come listen in and drop your questions in the #:bat:1hive-radio chat to have them asked on during the episode.


I think i used omnibridge once about a year ago to get my first DAI over for tx costs!! I have been using xpollinate which has been exceptional bar a few instances as they are in Beta. Will try out omni again… almost forgot about it!!