TULIP // SHAREOUT: Discussion with DAOhaus

Had a call with Dekan over at DAOHaus to discuss their new PoolHAUS LP DAO project, why they decided to partner with Swapr (DXDAO), and what some opportunities there may be in the future for 1Hive <> DAOHaus collabs

  • DAOhaus let their HAUS staking pool rewards run dry right around the same time that Honeycomb launched on xDai. The alignment of these two events was such that quite a lot of HAUS liquidity went away (hypothesis is that they ditched HAUS staking pools for Honeycomb farms) and so DAOhaus was in the market for a solution to encourage liquidity for HAUS token
  • Soon after, Swapr unilaterally offered (via a proposal) 1-month dual farm rewards (weth+dxd) for HAUS-WETH pairs - without being asked by DAOhaus or asking for anything in exchange
  • DAOHaus is standing up a DAO with the goal of coordinating /encouraging liquidity and long-term holding for HAUS-WETH LP (called PoolHAUS). They will most likely use Swapr farms for the duration that they are funded (currently 1 month). (PoolHAUS and Decentralized Liquidity Provision | by James Waugh | DAOhaus.club | Jul, 2021 | Medium)
  • If Honeycomb offered rewards, there’s a good chance PoolHAUS could elect to allocate some or all of the HAUS+WETH for Honeyswap pool+farm instead
  • I asked if Deke thought some kind of token swap would be appealing (in the vein of what was proposed by @Eth_Man here Building DAOnetworks ). Deke said that UberHAUS (the HAUS governance DAO and DAO of DAOs) would have to decide, but he said that would probably generate interest.