TULIP // SHAREOUT: Updates from Connext (xpollinate)

Had a 30min call with Arjun over at Connext to discuss the Connext <> 1Hive partnership, exchange information about what we’re up to.

Main takeaways:

  • Connext is rolling out a new protocol, nxtp , in ~2 weeks. Arjun says the new protocol significantly simplifies the flow for crosschain interactions and also does the groundwork needed to scale up liquidity quickly. Nxtp is currently on testnet, you can try it here: https://nxtp.li.finance/. Docs: https://nxtp-docs.connext.network/
  • Eventually, Connext intends to make it possible for interested participants to set up their own router (essentially a node + liquidity provider) for the NXTP network
  • Connext is looking to move away from managing the xpollinate interface directly bc they want to focus on being infra providers. Arjun asked if we were OK with Li.Finance (LiFi) taking over the management of the front end (retaining 1Hive logo on the page, etc.) I said I didn’t know of any objections off-hand, but I’d take it back to the swarm
  • Arjun said LiFi wants to build cross-chain dex aggregation and asked if we would be interested in meeting with LiFi to discuss possible opportunities to work together. I said yes, of course we’d love to talk, since xchain dex agg aligns with some of the work we’re thinking about doing