Tulip Swarm Community Call/Sprint Planning 7 September 2021

The agenda will be followed by the meeting notes.
Here’s a link to the recording of the meeting.
I will update the link to 1Hive’s YouTube as soon as it is posted there.

Overall it seemed to be a successful meeting.
We got through the agenda items and everyone who attended had at least an opportunity to speak and be heard. If you’d like something discussed next week please tag me on Tulip channel on 1Hive’s Discord.


This meeting is dedicated to you, the Bees .
Please come and share your minds.

1 a Discuss New Farms Partnerships and multiple rewards pools with community.
We’re expecting this to be about a half an hour.
1 b @GreenHornet | Agave would like to discuss using Honeycomb for Agave KPI tokens.
2 Someone explain to community how xCOMB is bought back to burn.
3 a Tulip funding proposal is just sitting there. What do we need to change?
3 b Realign payment structure to better reflect how we work as a community.
3 c We brought in new devs who haven’t been paid for a couple of weeks. Should we do a separate payment proposal?
3 d More actively involved with Gardens, use Gardens integrations for our future internal DAOs.

1 I will post recordings on the outro.
2 We discussed how xCOMB is purchased for burning.
Some amount is purchased using fees from Honeyswap, which formerly had gone into the common pool. We use the Honeymaker contract. Thank you @solarmkd for explaining.

3 @DogeKing discussed the deal bizdev is working on, which will involve improvements to Honeycomb. Projects are asking for multiple rewards staking, for example. @solarmkd pointed out that partnerships with projects can help bootstrap our liquidity.
We can reallocate xCOMB rewards to partner pools, then have xCOMB staking with multiple rewards in the various partners’ tokens. Shapeshift/FOX is one of the projects mentioned.

4 Green Hornet can help @lkngtn, @gabi, and @willjgriff with the Decision contract.

5 @GreenHornet asked about adding Agave liquidity mining, with KPI tokens, to the Honeycomb.

6 @DogeKing brought up that Tulip’s expenses had increased with a decrease in visible results.
Using a Bounty system to pay devs was discussed and agreed on by the community, especially for larger projects or projects that need done quickly.

There’s a lot of details I could add to this, but the recording is in this post.

Basically, Bounties and using a Gardens DAO would help many of the payment transparency issues.
I’m planning to discuss this soon in another post, more deeply.

7 @metaverde will continue as project manager, with no pay, if we move our operations back to 1Hive.
Again, I didn’t understand the situation when I came onto the team.

8 We decided to leave the current Tulip funding proposal up to get our people paid as it appears to be going to pass soon. Thank-you new devs for your patience.

9 The idea of bringing Tulip on as part of Gardens, or creating our own Gardens DAO was suggested.
Why would Tulip be a Moloch DAO? was asked.

Some comments on group dynamics had changed and it is time to take a step back and look at our direction.

And that this should play out in the Forums.

Come for the Honey🍯.
Stay for the Bees :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:.


Great update. I’ve yet to listen to the recording - planning to do so tonight after I get some more work done, regarding the KPI Tokens, I also am a part of the UMA Community. I can arrange a call or group chat to discuss their KPI Options tokens if you’d be interested. I also dropped a thread in ideas about KPI Options in general!

Also a side note, I see all the work you do @metaverde - I’d like to see some pay coming your way in some form. Unsure what needs to be done for that!

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Thank you.
I’m very interested to learn about kpi options.

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You’re very welcome. Here’s a brief overview from the UMA website (KPI Options | UMA Docs). They’ve seen some success in being used by Badger for their DIGG mining rewards (https://digg.finance/), as well as Aragon (KPI options, the future of DAOs) and UMA’s own internal KPI Options projects.

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This is great to see that 1Hive is thinking about KPI tokens. I really like this concept which i first got to know because of an UMA drop for being a Badger user. This is a really great way to get the community rallied up to hit some milestones which would improve the protocol and also the community which helped to drive the metrics.

I think this would really drive some utility and user base towards AGAVE!

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If the interests are misaligned the projects do not work, difficult times are coming xdai the best thing to do is to cover all the gaps and work if there are liquidity problems I do not know if the word will be not to pay but another participation in the future, if the work works well everyone will be favored, I do not like to write negatively but we must unite_.

@metaverde Excellent work, Metaverde you are a great girl and intelligent woman! :sunflower: :honeybee:

This information is useful to know what happens inside the swarm of tulips, and the suggestions that the members of the same mention, something particular that caught my attention was:

The associations would attract new communities which would be very useful to boost the liquidity of honeyswap or indeed agave!

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