Tulip Swarm Updates and Proposal #3

What Tulip Swarm has been working on:

  • Honeycomb sustainable farming is live on Polygon! Honeycomb launched on Polygon on July 1st, along with the pCOMB airdrop for liquidity providers (LPs).
    Honeyswap Polygon has accumulated around $1.6MM of TVL, averaging $50-100K daily swap volume.
    Honeyswap xDAI is currently at ~$8MM TVL, around $200-300K daily swap volume.
    If you haven’t yet had a chance to see the Honeycomb, you can check it out here: HoneyComb
    The swarm will continue to iterate and improve on the MVP launch of Honeycomb on both chains.

  • Added Sushiswap to the swapr logic on Polygon + xDai for better swap shopping

  • Several bug fixes and quality-of-life (QoL) UX improvements for the Honeycomb interface, such as a Harvest All function for Honeycomb farm rewards

What Tulip is working on next:

  • Continued bug fixes and quality-of-life UX improvements to the Honeycomb interface, such as a COMB issuance & burn counter

  • Metadata API to enable better information about Honeycomb LP NFTs

  • Farming partnerships with other communities in the DAO and DeFi space

  • Trading Rewards program to incentivize swappers to bring their trading volume to Honeyswap

  • Analytics for Honeyswap + Honeycomb usage to enable better informed decision-making by the swarm and community

  • Support for xPollinate

  • You can see current and previous work on the swarm Zenhub board



Update: proposal passed July 24, 2021

Big thanks to everyone who supported!