Tulip Swarm Vision for the Future

Tulip swarm went through an exercise to brainstorm what we want to build, the purpose of our team, and our vision of the future for Tulip.
Step 1: generate ideas for each prompt (What do you think should be our high level goal as Tulip swarm?, What do you think should be our next short-term project?, What do you think should be our next long-term project?)
Step 2: group similar ideas
Step 3: vote on which ideas we think should be our highest priority The raw result can be viewed here: tulip vision storm July 2021 - Google Jamboard

I have attempted to distill our discussion below:

What should be our high level goals as Tulip Swarm?

  • Build strong partnerships by offering valuable DeFi tools and services, especially integrations with 1Hive projects like Gardens
  • Make Tulip swarm an excellent and desirable group for people to work in so we can attract and retain great folks. Use a combination of easy onboarding, competitive compensation, and exciting projects.

What should be our next short-term project?

  • Create a new landing page experience for 1Hive

What should be our next long-term project?

  • Make Honeyswap into a very robust dex aggregrator by adding lots of dexes and integrating cross-chain swapping, from xDai to Polygon to Arbitrum

What do you think? Do you have any thoughts to add? Anything I’ve missed?


Thanks for the overview. Very clear and well-articulated.

From the jamboard:

Establish a brand identity as the swap for public goods

I’d love to see this listed as an explicit high-level goal. As I expressed in the thread below, I believe it is a strong differentiator for us (and perhaps a key to our success)

In particular, I think we need to do a better job at explaining how the fees help support our community, and why that matters.

Personally, I would approach the metanarrative as follows:

  • Local currencies grounded in local economic systems are perhaps the best hope we have for a sustainable civilisation

  • The governance experiments we are running at 1hive could help lay the foundation for these local economies to thrive

  • By trading / providing liquidity on Honeyswap there’s a very real sense in which you are helping to bring this future into existence

But there are many angles we can approach this from.

From the small tests I’ve run on twitter, it’s clear this kind of narrative really has the ability to inspire