Upcoming DAO Rush Week event

Panvala’s DAO Rush Week is upon us again!
Why yes, and we’re in it to win it!

@lkngtn is going to do most of the talking this time around, especially about Tulip and Celeste. Thank-you Luke.

Tomorrow we get two minutes to pitch 1Hive and talk about upcoming events for the week.
I really like what Solar said in a recent Discord post…

1hive is a Dao that is working on more dapps around , funding the development of those and exploring decentralized solutions for project development.

I’m unable to connect to the wiki atm for inspiration to add to this.
Something with the wifi I’m on aggravating Brave, even with the shields down, so I’ll have to add in a bit when I’m somewhere else. Also very open to suggestions.

5 PM UTC Tuesday 27 April is when our open house is scheduled.
I’m not sure what time tomorrow we’ll be presenting the 2 minute bit.
The Open House kickoff starts at 3PM UTC tomorrow, Monday 26 April.
I’m not sure where!
@befitsandpiper , did you catch where the initial event is?


I wish the best for 1hive in Daorush I will be attentive to see what is about to happen, I hope to see the growth for advance of Tulip and celeste total support to @metaverde @solarmkd @befitsandpiper

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I believe that the potential of this network is to be exploited, we need to attract more people here to make this GREAT!