Upgrade Token Manager

We released a new version of Wrappable Hooked Token Manager with the WRAP_TOKEN_ROLE. We are already using this new version in the new Gardens, and this update intends to keep the 1Hive code up to date with the rest of the gardens.

This is the EVMcrispr code used to create the vote:

connect 0x8ccbeab14b5ac4a431fffc39f4bec4089020a155 disputable-voting.open --context Upgrade Token Manager (
  upgrade hooked-token-manager-no-controller.open 2.0.0

It sets the implementation of all hooked-token-manager-no-controller.open apps to the version 2.0.0 of the APM repo. It does not need to grant any permission to wrap tokens, as we did in the other gardens, because HNY is not a wrappable token.

This is the link to the proposal: Gardens.

Could you refresh my memory about why we added a role to wrap the tokens back then?

It is a cool way to attach an ACL oracle and so we can set custom rules for the people who wrap their tokens. This would allow some gardens to check if the account belongs to a real person (via BrightId for instance), and even use quadratic voting in tao voting or conviction voting.