Use services such as to get exposure to xDai and 1hive

Hey all, I’ve discovered the 1hive community, I’d say late April of this year. Searching for different chains and opportunities and what not. It was a bit overwhelming at first.
So doing some cross chain and I see xpollinate (powered by 1hive). So I started looking into it. Finally giving in to brightID and all that I also discovered where you do quests to get rewards. They too also require brightID.
I see alot of proposals to get exposure and guides to get to xDai/1hive ecosystem, so why not make it a quest in the rabbithole? They seem to have an ok retention structure (people that do that quest and get rewarded end up staying on the platform).
Maybe a cool NFT or something as a reward to do a quest of (add liquidity, or deposit and borrow on agave, etc).


I like this idea a lot. I’ve benefitted from fall down my own rabitt hole to have landed here in 1hive. Creating funnels for other curious wanderers to find themselves here would be wonderful.

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The rabbithole stuff is quite complex for me can you help a little

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Hey Kingsdami
When rabbithole does a quest, it usually comes with a step by step guide to complete the quest. What part are you having issues with?


Hi @kingsdami in addition to what @billyjitsu said, RabbitHole has a discord server and a task-tutorials channel with detailed instructions per quest/task.

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i like this too. I think it is suitable for Agave as well.

@Monstrosity we could talk to Curly about it.
There is a quest for Aave, so it shouldn’t be hard to set one for Agave too.

thanks @billyjitsu

Buzz team already had talk with curly from rabbithole and xdai team so we will give more info about this to community in coming weeks.

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Hello Pls can someone explain what rabbit hole is all about I would be grateful

How about I get a link to that server

I posted it in the earlier reply

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Overall, it’s a site that rewards you for doing tasks by learning platforms and using them. If you are early enough, you will get an NFT as proof of completion.

Thanks so much boss :heart: