Vested HNY auction

:honey_pot: THIS WEEK ONLY, we’re auctioning off discounted, time-vested HNY, available exclusively to the 1Hive community! :honey_pot:

What! How is this possible??

1Hive TV has made HNY available for this auction from its treasury, and xDai raised from the sale will go to its treasury.

1Hive TV’s biggest expense is contributor compensation, and while contributors do love Honey, they also have life expenses just like the rest of us, and until the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power starts accepting Honey (…hey we can can dream), paying for life expenses means sell pressure on our beloved HNY token.

As an experiment in building a stablecoin treasury while protecting the price of HNY, 1Hive TV is auctioning off 20 HNY from its swarm funds. xDai earned in the auction will be used to pay operational expenses, mainly contributor compensation.

By offering this auction exclusively to the 1Hive community and using token vesting, our goal is that 1Hive TV can pay its contributors with xDai converted from its budget of HNY, with gradual sell pressure on HNY.

NICE! How does the auction work?

  • Go to
  • Enter the amount of xDai you are willing to pay
  • Enter a maximum bid price per HNY (must be greater than $150)
  • When the auction ends, if the minimum threshold of $3,000 is met, a clearing price will be set and HNY will go to the winning bidders.
    • If you bid less than the clearing price, you lose :slightly_frowning_face:
    • If you bid more than the clearing price, you win! And even better, you only pay the clearing price for your HNY, which is less than the maximum price per HNY you bid.
  • At any time before the auction closes, you can cancel your auction bid in the Gnosis Auction app.
  • Auction winners will receive a placeholder token that is not liquid. The 1Hive TV Gnosis Safe multisig team (@paul @twells @chuygarcia92) will then set up Superfluid streams to the winners. Safe address: gno:0x05f8B6209A31Ba8ba756F9f87ABf18502Caf6F6a

What does 1Hive TV consider a successful auction?

  • Minimum funding amount of $3,000 met (if this isn’t reached, Auction bids won’t go through and Gnosis Auction will return xDai to all bidders)
  • Winning bidders use their HNY as it vests and to support the 1Hive economy (i.e. staking in Celeste, providing liquidity on Honeyswap, voting on funding proposals)

:honey_pot: This auction allows 1Hive community members who are here for the long haul a more affordable way of growing HNY holdings. If successful we hope this model can be replicated and iterated on by other swarms to help build individual stablecoin budgets for each project :honey_pot:


Thanks @paul for making this possible :heart:

Supporting this initiative will help us continue to maximize the HNY allocation for the TV project and maintain consistent incentives for our contributors which have continued to grow in number. @paul came up with this novel way to combine Gnosis Auction and Superfluid to make discounted HNY available exclusively to 1Hivers during this pilot! :honeybee:

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Excited to see initiatives like this one implemented by swarms to build their stable treasuries. Looking forward to learning about the experience, and iterating with the feedback we get.

Thank you @paul for being a continuing source of inspiration and motivation!


Wow! I really love this. Discounted honey, will actually consider it. haha. Thanks for this opportunity


@paul Great idea
I want, a hny I just have to bet a little more than 150xdai and wait for everyone else to bet on the auction my question is an example if I place 160 xdai and there are 20 users superior to me …

would I lose my 160xdai or would they be simply returned? :honeybee:

sorry if my question is a bit confusing my english is from google translator!

btw, @twells Great job with 1Hive Tv.

We hope to see you soon as an audience on 1Hive Radio :headphones: , a direct product from 1Hive Tv for the entire Community! @paul @gabi @Ariez

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Hey Rohek!

Short answer: you’ll never lose your bidding money. Either your bid winds up above the clearing price, and you’ll pay the amount you bid and get vesting HNY at the clearing price, or your bid winds up below the clearing price and you won’t pay any xDai, and you won’t get any HNY.

Longer answer:

The auction “clearing price” sets the price that everyone will pay when the auction ends, regardless of what they bid. So right now even though you see those bids for 160 xDai and 170 xDai, the clearing price (dotted white line in the screenshot below) is still 150 xDai. If the auction ended now, everyone would pay the total amount they bid and get their vesting HNY stream @ $150 per HNY.

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 8.46.14 AM

Lets say more people bid >150 xDai, raising the clearing price to 160 xdai. If you only bid 150 xDai you’ll then “lose” the auction - you won’t get any HNY, but you won’t pay anything either. Only those that bid above the clearing price will get HNY.

This design lets you bid the highest amount per HNY you’re comfortable paying since you’ll only pay the clearing price if you win, not your bidding price.

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Great, then I will proceed, I like this idea to participate, Good vibes and full support for this! :pray:


Just joined the 1Hive Radio Discord channel! Will definitely be an audience.

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Damn… How did I miss this🤦🏼‍♂️

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hey! great to have you join us @Ariez :honeybee:

don’t sweat it @StanLenny : ) …this was a pilot - and a successful one!
we hope to replicate the effort again in the near future :+1:

Vesting HNY Auction is closed with HNY streams now flowing to the auction winners! In total we raised $3k in xDai for the 1Hive TV team, with a cost basis of 20 HNY streamed over 6 months.

Here’s a spreadsheet with the auction results: Gnosis Auction Address Streams - Google Sheets

Addresses that won in the auction can claim their streaming HNY on the Superfluid app on Gnosis Chain.


Amazing experiment, thank you to everyone involved to make it happen!



Do you plan to do something like this soon again to participate again ?

No immediate plans but so far this has been a pretty successful trial - I think there will be new iterations of this sale soon :+1: