Vote to have HNY and Honeyswap added to Zapper

Hey all, just trying to rally the community to up vote a couple of requests i made in zapper to have HNY and Honeyswap recognised so that the balances show up as part of your overall wallet balance. I know zapper may seem to be in direct competition to our very own 1Hive Tulip wallet, but in terms of visibility zapper has a much broader audience and I am hoping just by having these requests and up voting them will get us a little free marketing. This should also help with existing Polygon users that are already using zapper. When the new pCOMB farms are made live on Polygon, I assume if we can get something like zapper list our farming pools and HNY on the available farms/pools it would increase our reach and put a lot more eyes on honeyswap and 1Hive indirectly. Just some food for thought.

Here is the links to upvote, would really appreciate if you can take the time to click through and vote.
Honeyswap request: Honeyswap | Voters | Zapper
Honey token request: HONEY (HNY) - 1Hive | Voters | Zapper


I have voted on both with twitter account


I voted for both, and the amount of people that voted is encouraging. :ok_hand:

Hey, I’ve voted now.
It’s really a good idea for marketing. I like it @project_uwb

Thanks @project_uwb! Voted for both!
Great for visibility, many people are doing daily quests on zapper to get NFT.

What I already know someone few months ago asked directly some of their developers for adding xdai chain and honeyswap in dex section.They said they will def add xdai and honeyswap but for now they have some other priority things to deploy etc…


Ah good to know … I guess if the devs can be influenced directly that would be a great outcome. Its like having a marketing banner or prime real estate! I mean literally everyone probably goes through zapper to check their portfolios… at least a majority of the crypto users i know tend to do that. It will also help to have Honeyswap and xDAI listed on other portfolio management DAPPs. Not sure which others are popular… I saw a post about “De Bank”. Hope the community can do a bit of a marketing run for ourselves and put in listing requests to other credible DAPPs

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Has it been added to zapper?

Nope… we did not get enough traction. I think we got about 14 votes. May be somebody from Buzz can help. I am not sure. We should probably make the request again and get like a #announcement on Discord and twitter to get more beez to vote.