Walkthrough video in spanish

The idea is to make a quick walk-through video, showing the honey-pot, honeyswap, github, discord, talk a bit about the seed members, explain the swarms and give some advice about how to get into the community and find a place.
Is this being done in spanish already? (If anyone knows please lmk)


Maybe Buzz can set up a bounty for that and @Efra can do the video, it’s a nice idea, but it’s also really hard for non English speakers to be part of a swarm. So I don’t think doing a video for that is going to help that much.


Just like @Escanore said, doing this would be possible. But I’m not really sure if we really need videos in other languages as video is a little bit of tricky business and requires some bigger budget.

And for those who really want to learn about 1hive and all these stuff mentioned, we have already translated our Wiki in several languages. I mean people can stop being lazy and read :smiley:


hi @Tonga
Incidentally, it is better if it is available in different languages

Upload the film along with the text so that members can dub it for their compatriots

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I think it is very difficult for people who are not fluent in other languages, but it can be solved with dictionaries or various duplicators. I agree with @Masoud.manouchehri Upload the video so that people can use it.:v:

I was actually proposing to make it myself, wasn’t actually thinking of charging for it, but was actually trying to get feedback. I don’t think the only goal of promotional videos is to get people into the swarms. Maybe in the future there’s swarms that are in spanish.

Not exactly sure what you mean by tricky, I was thinking of something of around 5-7 mins long, just using obs recording the screen and talking. (nothing too fancy)

yea, I was thinking of that, you could do it then!

@Tonga @mrtdlgc
In your opinion, when people read a book, they no longer watch the movie made from it
Or does making an adaptation of the film encourage fans to study the subject more closely?

I agree having the wikis is not necessarily a reason to not make videos

Hello, in my opinion, if it is translated into different languages, it is better that our team is ready to cooperate for this work, and we can translate it into Persian for the Persian languages ​​available in community.

Hello, you are right, but the effect of the text is completely different from the video content, and now if we want to become a larger community in the future, we need to do more awareness. Including Instagram and YouTube, where users from all over the world have access, which is a good strength to achieve higher goals by translating video content.

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