Weekly community meetings to talk about topics relevant to 1Hive

Hi guys! After carefully observing the 1hive Discord server over the past few days I have noticed that a lot of people are very eager to learn more about topics relevant to 1Hive. Examples being how conviction voting works (e.g how it is resistant against sybil attacks), the basics of a DAO, or for example the basics on how liquidity pools work.

I am in a similar boat, as I’ve been learning a lot thanks to this community. Therefore, I was wondering if there are enough people who are interested in collectively reading articles, which we then discuss on a designated day of the week. We would for example hop onto the Cafe voice channel, to discuss and voice our opinions on what we read. I think this is a great idea as we learn and grow as a community.

Feel free to leave some feedback! And if you are interested please leave a comment, so that I know there is enough demand.


I think it’s a great idea, every day I learn more about 1Hive and I would love to discuss different aspects with more people. Count on me! I’m interested


I think that the 1hive cafe is the best place to do that! We meet every Friday at 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST) to have friendly talks about life, crypto, daos… For those who don’t know, the event begun during the lock down, and it has become a Friday tradition in 1Hive.


That’s great idea, we can definitely do that…Lets learn and progress together its more fun for sure.

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I am very interested in helping.

My desemployo runs through February, so I’m free to dedicate several hours a day to 1Hive.

I’m still reading through the Discord, trying to keep up on the forum, and perusing related documentation.

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I love to join this voice conversation and to talk to all member of the team, to learn more about the project , but english is not my native language so I might have trouble expressing my thoughts and absorbing all your info and idea.


Thats all fine! Everyone is welcome, we are all part of the 1hive family. Im still working on the details but I will keep this thread updated after I have made the appropiate changes to my suggestion :slight_smile:


Love to attend one but this will be 2am on my place.

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Would love to join the chat when the time is right.

I’m doing exactly the same hope to meet everyone soon

Sounds great! I completely agree with any activity that involves taking more advantage of the voice channels in Discord. I truly think it’ll be great for bonding the community and as you mentioned, help get a better idea of how all this works. I’m convinced education will eventually play a major role in 1hive.