Weekly recap CW 48 (23 Nov - 29 Nov)

Weekly recap CW 48


  • On 25.11 a proposal Link to fund a second rund of farming on Honeyswap passed. It is also worth mentioning that this proposal passed with no help from the seed members, which is a huge milestone for the community.

  • On 29.11 a proposal Link to cut HNY’s issuance rate from 60% to 30% passed. I highly recommend reading Discussion: Honey Issuance Policy .

  • On 25.11 Ramp network launched the first Fiat - xDai gateaway Link


Swarm updates


  • Backwards weights from discord for mentions, reactions, etc. were removed
  • The weights for mentioning someone on discord were halved
  • A cred budget was created. It was set to 500 cred per week with the following ratios: 40%-30%-30% with github being the highest
  • User omahs made a cool page to check weekly cred rankings https://omahs.github.io/cred_ranking_01122020


  • Honeyswap got listed on Coinranking Link
  • Honeyswap’s Twitter account reached more than 2450 followers
  • Honeyswap’s Telegram channel reached more than 450 followers


Updates from the members working on the project:

  • 23.11 rperez89 going to be integrating the disputable voting into the connector and remove the dandelion voting
  • 23.11 willjgriff Started redeploying latest Celeste version to Rinkeby with shorter time frames for everything making it easier to test, including updated apps (eg conviction voting with stable request amount).
  • 24.11 willjgriff Still working on deploying the latest version of Celeste to Rinkeby.
  • 26.11 rperez89 Those past days : Working on the disputable connector for the celeste swarm https://github.com/1Hive/honey-pot/pull/186
  • 27.11 willjgriff Did a post about the 1Hive covenant: Drafting the 1Hive Community Covenant for Celeste Did some investigation into the 1Hive DAO migration to integrate Celeste: https://github.com/1Hive/celeste-swarm/issues/5 Had a ganders at the connectors/subgraphs for Celeste and Honey Pot.

I couldn’t find much info from the other swarms, please post here if I missed something.


This is awesome! Thank you for all the updates its nice to see an overview of how many things 1hive can accomplish at once :honeybee:

Thanks! Sometimes it does feel like a slow week, but if you look back and see what was achieved, you can see the bees are always busy building/creating.

Nice recap of the week/ we have behinde us and with good results as well.
We need to keep up with this rytham to stay strong as team.

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Hey! @therealmo I will looking to introduce monthly blogs about once hive. This type of activity highly appreciated! I look to collaborate with you if that’s cool ? im in the discord

Thank you @therealmo , i was looking for this long time ago . i wonder if you working with @Felix


Hey! Sure, I am already taking notes for the next weekly recap. Taking the info from the weekly posts and compiling them into a monthly blog post shouldn’t be hard. You can always pm me on discord, I am under a different username there, sirhamude .

I am glad you like it. I did that alone, but if @Felix or anyone else wants to help with the next weekly recap/s , they are more than welcome! I was struggling to find info from specific swarms/projects, so any help is appreciated.

i am active in discord , might able to help to truck things . is there place where we can work on this ?

Also i am doing data trucking , which i can help alot . i wonder if we can organize this to make it much smoother.

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We can make a google sheet where we can keep track of important stuff happening. It would be great if we can have different contributors from different swarms to keep us updated with all the different projects within the hive.
For example, davidking is working on a really cool landing page, it would be nice to include that in the weekly recap and also see at what stage that project is.
Then, at the end of the week, we can take that info and compile it into a post.

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sure that can be set up ~ i can set it up and follow with you in discord dm , if thats oki ?

That sounds great. Thanks for your help!

Very useful summary​:clap::clap: