Where are we in the waiting process for Hny.farm?

Hi there,

Although I’ve read the blog and understand that there was some issue with conviction voting, I think it’s still unclear for most new comers as to why the wait exists, what benefits does this wait bring forth and so on. Can someone help me shed some light so I could leverage this in our community on TG and keep the audience informed. The channel has become inundated with useless memes at this points and I think it would be better to have real-time updates regarding development, or hny.farm going live than people having to read through the forum.

We should not try to create more friction for xDai and although I support this initiative of creating an informed and tight knit community here in the forum, we have to be pragmatic about how we engage new people and attract more awareness.

Perhaps some of you can provide me with some bullet points or updates and I can translate these to our TG community.


I’d like to know this as well.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

When we can expect farming to begin?

Maybe end of the next week

The hny.farm site will allow people to create “farms” for any pool on honeyswap via a factory, and then create a proposal to fund them via conviction voting. Because the farms need to be funded via conviction voting we need to wait for the issue to be resolved before all the farming can happen.

We are currently waiting for this vote to pass https://aragon.1hive.org/#/0xe9869a0bbc8fb8c61b7d81c33fa2ba84871b3b0e/0x00f9092e5806628d7a44e496c503cec608e64f1f/vote/4/ which has ~4 more days + 2 day delay period. These votes are a huge pain (take a long time and require a deposit to the common pool to create, which must be refunded from the common pool after the fact at the discretion of honey holders), because when the dao was set up we wanted to ensure that making critical changes to how the DAO is configured was a slow and painful process, since it’s something that we generally want to avoid doing as much as possible.


Thanks. Just to be clear, does that mean the farms can start in 6 days? Or do there need to be other proposals to actually fund them first?
Said differently: what is the expected timeline until the start?


@lkngtn Hi Luke, I see there is still a countdown for about 23hrs from now.
What happens after that? Will the farms be live? Well, they are technically live now, but will they be active?
Or do we first need further rounds of proposals to allocate funds/farm etc? How long will those take?

I am just trying to pinpoint a bit clearer when this will start, so we can also prepare some #buzz to go with it. Thanks!

Anyone know what we are waiting for?

What needs to be done?

A precise outline of what’s left would be great, if possible…